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    i am chinese so my english is really bad. i wish you could like my fanpage on facebook. below is a short story i made. you dont have to read it but pls DO like my fanpage cos i only got a few likes currently and it makes me so down.


    One of the charming features of Ching was her humbleness towards her smartness at many things such as farming, because it seemed as though she hadn't much clue that she was smart which made her really cute, especially in the eyes of her lesbian friend Faye whom she had been sweetly in love with since fall.

    It had been ten years since Ching has been taking care of the farm she created. Admittedly ten years is a long time, especially that for some animals it was a whole lifetime. After seasons of hardwork while being accompanied by all kinds of weather - which in some ways the weather was like friends - her farm achieved the honour of being one of the best in the world.

    While being in love with her girlfriend and enjoying every bit of it, she never forgot to give the utmost care to her lover every single second since this is the very nature of any kind of deep love. She was conscious that she had reached perfection at taking care of her sweetheart, but was still tempted to do even better to gain her sweetest Faye's sweetest smile.

    It was a stormy night. The noise of the wind appeared as though there was trouble coming and enemies banging on the door. It would be annoying if something was to happen which it seemed. Ching was at her friend AndyLau's home dicussing what she could do to impress her girlfriend even more, after a few nights without resting, obviously being troubled by not being able to achieve a loving dream even beyond perfection. Her childhood friend who knew she had mental problems offered to exchange her farm for a cheap and broken motorbike which she could achieve her happy dream by showing off motorcycle skills, while it started raining and rain falling on the windows imitated the sounds of heartbeep of the guilty AndyLau who was committing a fraud to a most innocent friend.

    Now, Ching and Faye were riding on the motorcycle, while Faye had her arms around Ching at the back of the bike. It was as though Faye had all her senses turned on to pay the most attention to Ching's show-off - She was prepared to be touched in the most beautiful manners as appreciation to Ching's love and bravery. With her smartness, Ching was closed to being sure to be able to perform the most romantic tricks, but still to maintain the romance in her heart which she was enjoing, she had to forgive her annoying anxiety which was making her uncomfortable since allowing herself to hate the feelings would just ruin the whole thing.

    Faye had found out about the fraud after some talking with Ching. The anger at AndyLau and his rusty and ugly bike within her heart was disturbing Faye from being fully touched by Ching's sacrifice of her whole career - only for a romantic ride. The pain from witnessing this tragedy made her powerless and she had to sit on the floor voiceless. The shyness they got from seeing each other cry, made a charming expressions on their faces. They were sad and felt they had missed something since they were too angry to tease each other about blushing. Ching was unable to think out of humiliation and anger, and it seemed shocking for a soft and gentle girl like her to say she wanted vengeance.

    Ching's eyes had a fearful and deadly look when she was carrying a game console home determined for revenge, after feeling hopeless when she felt too bored of the real kungfu lessons and knew she could carry on no more - Well, she wanted to learn kungfu to defeat AndyLau but found out it was too boring that it might be much more fun learning kungfu from a video game.

    It was months later when AndyLau had wounds all over his body, beaten up by Ching with the fighting techniques she learned from the video games which was impossible to happen if not for her smartness. The fire of violence cooled down in Ching's heart instantly while she went quiet and sobbed. Months of hardwork had paid off, but she became troubled as she began wondering what really was the meaning of doing this horrible stuff. When Ching heard the police came she felt so hopeless it was as though she had dropped and broken a most expensive thing in the Universe - that was it would be years till she could enjoy Faye's love and take care of it. (It was like being in heaven while she was with her)

    Ching was busy figuring out what was going on while being so excited she did not have to go in jail for her mental problems. 'the end of the world' did not happen but if the psychiatrist had treated Ching wrongly it may mean the end of his career. Faye wanted to dive into Ching and hug her when they were both relieved when they heard Ching only had to socialize more for her treatment. (The psychiatrist gave Ching a doll and said she had to talk to it daily, since he was too lazy to find a person for her to talk to)

    Thinking about what she could do for her lover had always been Ching's favourite habits, but the idea she came up with this time seemed a little bit too determined - she had decided to shut herself in the basement of their house isolated from everyone beside the doll, so that she would heal in the fastest way talking to the doll undisturbed.

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