I am a closet lesbian and proud of it

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  1. I don't see anything wrong with being a closet lesbian. There's different reasons why a lesbian keeps her sexual orientation to herself. I personally keep it to myself because I don't want any tension between me and my family, I am already the black sheep.

    But if someone I don't know or a friend ask then I will tell them, and usually their reaction is "oh" "okay" because they already know who I am as a person.

    But as for now I am very comfortable
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  2. nicknack

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    Is it less of a swing from heterosexuality be a lesbian for a girl, than for a guy to be gay? I think that plays a difference in terms of coming out. Not that I know...
  3. silk896

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    You are far from unique. Some of "us" prefer to proudly display our being lesbian. For others, it's a personal matter that may be shared only with those who arguably need to know.
    I'm with you:gorgeous:
  4. Lorelai

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    fellow closeted lesbian ho~ i'm technically in the same boat as you as well since i'm closeted and would rather not let it out. i can only imagine that a relationship between two closet cases is one that can be comparable with that of a secret garden... if i make no sense it's cause it is 5:30 here...
  5. DiamondxXx

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    A few of my friends know that I like women but my family don't and I don't go running around telling people either so I guess I am a closet case too lol x
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    I think it's easier when you're out.

    Maybe there are some lesbian girls in the closet that are interested in you and don't know you are gay, so they don't have enough courage to approach you, because they fear rejection.

    Also, the moment I told everyone I only sleep with women, all men stopped flirting with me, which helped my girlfriend who was really jealous and concerned.

    It made me realize who my real friends are, too. The fake ones couldn't accept it, so they left.

    Plus, it relieved me from the 'Why don't you look for a boyfriend? I can introduce you to someone. . Blah blah blah' thing.

    In my opinion, it's the best thing to do if your family is open-minded and doesn't have a problem with it. But it's your choice after all.
  7. I totally agree with you about other closet lesbians not knowing if I am gay or not. I must say it has been hard finding a girl, even though I live in NYC, I still have problems finding a girl and I know the main reason is because I am not fully out.
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    Hello Ladies! I am a newbie to the thread
    I have been reading this thread trying to find someone that can help me with the feelings and emotions I have I am a married women of 6 years and I truly love my husband with all my heart. He is so good to me. My problem is that I have this deep attraction to women. I have always had this attraction and of course I love men. I am very happy with my husband in the bedroom, but I have to be honest, I crave for the opportunity to be pleasured by a woman also! In fact I find myself fantasizing about it and recently the feelings have gotten so strong that I have been looking at lesbian porn when my husband is at work. I have no desire to leave my husband or to tell him how I feel because I know it would break his heart and end my marriage! But I can't help the way I feel. I feel I need to have a experience with a woman so that maybe I can get over it or figure out if I am a lesbian, bisexual or just curious. My question is, should I pursue these feelings or deal with it? Please help me ladies, I would surely appreciate it!
  9. Irminsul

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    I just hang it all out there on the line. More chance of scoring ass.
  10. Noserider

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    I am not here to tell anyone how to live, but if these feelings are for real, don't jerk both you and your husband around.

    Act on them and move on. Don't live a lie.
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  12. IAmMaxieHearMeRoar

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    Seems weird, but whatever makes you happy, I guess
  13. Irminsul

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    I was just gonna say the same thing. :D
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    I think life is generally much easier when you're not hiding part of who you are, but it's everyone's choice whether they want to disclose or not. If you're happy with it, then that's all that matters. I know lots of people who have family they'd rather not lose over the fact that they can't accept that they are gay, so they just don't tell them. I just think it's a shame. Unconditional love is not guaranteed even with blood. I just will never understand why anyone would throw away a relationship to hold onto their ignorance.
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  16. Look@me

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    Lets go hang out and we see.. hehehe
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    for me, after struggling with one unsuccessful straight relationships after another, and gaining acceptance regarding by sexuality. I don't feel it necessary to broadcast the fact, as, I am a private person. yet I am equally as proud to be myself today
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