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    Let’s say you were about 5 years old. You met your first friend with whom you always played with outside. Several years go by and your childhood friend moves away. You start off writing e-mails but then eventually loose touch. Six years later you see each other at a party and kinda catch up. Loosing touch again 7 years later a weird coincidence is realized. Both childhood playmates end up at the same university never finding out about each other, until after one leaves the university a month before the end of the first semester, due to a sudden change of circumstances.

    About 15 years went by since they hung out outside.

    15 years later they ended up with the same area of concentration in philosophy and psychology. Interesting how people who hung out with each other as little kids still seem to have a lot in common as adults.

    Would it scare you to receive a message from a childhood friend who one has not seen or heard from in ages?
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    No I would invite the person over for a barbeque and talk about what’s been happing over the years. But I would use a little caution at first in case they grew up to be a psychopath or thief. Cheers!

    PS: I noticed you are from Michigan. I used to sometimes party in Detroit when I lived in Windsor Ontario.

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