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  1. Macrodoller

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    My name is Sam, I have surfed the boards for a few months but have never before signed up.

    I live in a supressed country named Wales, politcally a region on the UK. I have just finished my last year in compulsary education and am in the process of doing my GCSEs. My four optional subjects are Welsh, Electronics, History and ICT. A goal I have had in mind for many years is to become fluent in Welsh, a language which seems forein in its own country. Many people beleive it is dead, although this is not true. Many people are now learning it to help their stakes in the jobs market. With a population of 3,000,000 approximately 20% speak it.

    I have pretty extream political ideals, I used to considor myself a communist, but then grew to dislike the totalitarian element of it. I am now more of a "do your own thing" type, I hate the fact that we are traped in this way of life, having to go through school, and working your life away to be confortable for a decade or two before passing on.
    The extream part, that no one I know agrees with is that I think we should completely break down society, ban cars, dramatically reduce the use of electricity and revert to a somewhat tribal/primitive way of life. Which would protect the earth and ourselves.

    I'm pretty intrested in how governments are other related institutions work. Perhaps hypocritically, I spend a lot of time using computers and have a very wide knowledge for my age. I also like to find out about differnt cultures, and I love ancient-medeval history.

    Well i've seen this is a great communiy with great members who contribute a lot, I hope that I can too.

    Peace and love,
  2. mystical_shroom

    mystical_shroom acerbic

    Hello and welcome...
  3. tinkabelle

    tinkabelle Member

    Hey, welcome!

    i hope you enjoy your time here!!!
  4. lenore

    lenore Member


    bonkertastically ace to have you on board, yeay!!! have fun *hugs*
  5. Macrodoller

    Macrodoller Member

    Thank you so much! how very friendly! :)

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