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Discussion in 'Opiates' started by Mako714, Sep 30, 2013.

  1. Mako714

    Mako714 Guest

    So I apologize if there is a thread on this but I'm using my cellphone and its hard to navigate.

    So here's the deal: swim has taken Hydrocodone on random occasions in the past maybe 2 or 3 times.
    Recently swim was prescribed 120 10/325mg.
    Swim went on a binge for exactly 5 days.

    Day1 - Starting dose: 30mg and then 20 more mg spaced out over the next few hours.

    Day 2 - Starting dose 35mg and then 20 more mg over next few hours.

    ---this basically continued until swim was dosing about 70mg and then up to a maximum of 100mg total throughout the evening for the last couple days

    So here's the problem. Swim can't feel this shit anymore!!

    Swim gets a small buzz and minor euphoria for a little bit but its almost nothing.

    Swim took a 2 day break because swim couldn't imagine a tolerance built over only a 5 day binge could be that bad,and then this morning at 11:30AM dosed 40mg of daytime Delsym.

    Swim then Dosed 70mg of Delsym again at 4:00pm and took another sip right before eating 50mg of hydro.
    Barely felt anything so swim took about 80mg total over the next few hours.

    Still barely feel anything.
    So what is swim doing wrong?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    Additional info: swim usually does a CWE.
    Swim crushes the hydros, add 1/4 to 1/2 glass of water. Put in freezer until barely cold, then filter through dress shirt or coffee filter. (Sometimes swim skips the freezer part.) (Rarely)

    Also today swim didn't CWE just in case maybe swim was doing it wrong.

    So Idk What the deal is. This is EXTREMELY frustrating. Swim is thinking of just wait till Wednesday and take 12-14 of these things.

    Did swim take too much DXM? Should swim just eat the dros?is swim doing the CWE wrong?
    Thank you :)
  2. OddApple

    OddApple Member

    It sounds like "swim" screwed his self up from the beginning and needs to switch to a stronger opiate. Taking "12-14" 10/325"s is going to screw your liver up good.
    I think you have reached your threshold with hydrocodone and it may be awhile before you feel anything that is anywhere near a reasonably normal dose. If you are that wigged out the least you could do is extract the opiate from all that tylenol, then maybe you will be able to kill yourself with opium instead of acetominophen.
    Didn't any alarms go off or don't they go off for you about taking large numbers of pills like there is no consequence even up to death?
    You have screwed around and made yourself sick and you need to slow your roll and come down or just go straight on to black tar.
    You can spot people who abuse the shit out of hydro because they come in saying there is no effect at all - they have pretty much cancelled their selves out on it. Sell the dro's to someone who needs them and step up to oxy or a stronger op, or, seriously, slow your roll, put your monkey on a diet and realize you are acting so crazy because it's the monkey pullin' your hair.
  3. p0rkch0p

    p0rkch0p Member

    Omg fuck off with the black tar bullshit...why is that everyone feels the need to give a 12 page lecture to everyone who from the sounds of the poster, is just dabbling in some pills. NOT everyone who experiments with opiates turns out to be a life long heroin addict. I have use opiates for both fun and prescribed, i have blow through 180 30s 60 60mg Oxycontins, 90 Opana 20s and 120 oxy 10s in 25 days, AND HAVE NEVER USED HEROIN AS A LAST RESORT. I have snorted it once only because it was where i was and the option presented its self.

    Maybe if u werent so high on your soapbox, u would have noticed that the poster specifically said that he uses A CWE, which is where u extract the goodies from the APAP. He stated that he didnt do the cwe to make sure he was getting all the hydro. While im on a roll, i also feel the urge to inform you that you mosdef DO NOT end up with OPIUM when they are separated.

    Now while i am on my soapbox, the agreed upon amount of apap in our niche of the world is a max of 4grams or as u may have guessed 4000mg per day.....which is roughly 12 pills aday, as he stated this isnt a daily activity, so a once in a while thing will not harm is liver.


    NOW FOR THE ORIGINAL POSTER....................

    Did swim notice and withdraw symptoms when u took a break? Usually drs will tell you that u can become physically dependent on opiates just after 2 weeks using as prescribed, so its not unheard of to build a tolerance up quickly, even more so if this isnt ur first go round with hydrocodone. Im not familiar with the use of dxm with opiates so i cant speak on that, but maybe the last poster can seeing as he seems to know it all, and apparently cant read worth a fuck.....the only thing i would take from that last post is that u may need to move up the ladder to get that feeling......but not the top of tha ladder and use heroin.......
  4. OddApple

    OddApple Member

    Oh yeah my bad eat 'em up
  5. BottleFED

    BottleFED Member

    If you have only used Hydro 2-3 times in the past, why did you feel the need to start off taking 30mgs? I ask because if you are taking it to get high, you are missing out on why most addicts would give their right arm to go back and experience that sweet Hydro feeling in the beginning! If I were you, I'd stop taking anything, wait a few months, allow your tolerance to drop and if you still feel you want or need to take opiates, go slow with Hydro and enjoy what it has to offer. OR, just don't take opiates and get high on something else, like PUSSY!

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