hydrocodone prices?

Discussion in 'Pharmaceuticals' started by amanda can fly, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. amanda can fly

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    ok so i have some hydrocodone i got my hands on and i want to sell it.
    but i dont know how strong or whatever they are.
    and ive never sold any pain killers.
    i dont know how to read perscription labels...
    it says... "hydrocodone/apap 5/500 tab mck"
    tell me what this means?
    and how much i should sell them for?


  2. DirtyBongAlexa

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    ooo i dont know about pricesd but dont take too many of those things they will make you throw up and feel yucky :( also it fucks with ur liver

    the 5/500 means there is 5mg hydro and 500 mg of acetaminophen (stuff that makes you feel icky)

    probably like 2 for $5 or less?????
  3. crummyrummy

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    double what you paid for em, sell em discount in bulk
  4. 92B

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    I wouldn't pay more than a buck for 5mg.
  5. Shocbomb

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    hydrocodone prices in ths suburbs of New York City are Regular 5.0's and that is what most Hydro's are going for $2 to $4 each 7.5's-$3 to $5 and 10.0's-$5 to $7 each. In New York city the price is real cheap 5.0's are about a $1 ,7.5's-$2 to $4 and 10.0's $3 to $5. and the more you buy the better deal you get with most dealers.The bottom line when it comes to selling any drugs is what location you are in like the Suburbs or a major city and the major factor is how big the demand is. If there is alot of the Drug already going around you are going to make less if people want the shit bad you will make a killing.

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