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Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by WeeDMaN, Dec 8, 2017.

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    Man sometimes I swear finding the perfect hybrid for my conditions can be fucking tricky. Im bored as shit tonite so I figured Id post about it since I never really discuss this topic with anyone . especially in real world cuz now that Im older Im meeting less stoners half the time and more people that dont smoke or rarely do. because of the occupation I got and how long ive been in it when grouped up at work Im grouped with the guys that are experienced and know what to look for and what and how something neeeds to be done so that its done right. if you can guess what it is my hint is written in stone. time sensitive, once it starts to go thats how it will stay permanently . got about 2-4 hrs on a hot day and every hour that goes by theres a job that you pritty much cant fix if you didnt do it right the first time. esier said than done when you got 5 important things to get done at a reasonable pace before its too late shit happens yada yada long story short nothing is ever perfect but damn close. but beyond rambling most of my co workers either are drinkers or ex partyers. or partyers that favor boston goerges party favors over any others. sometimes ravers. so ya most ppl think if you smoke weed daily your slow or if you make a mistake its cuz you blaze blah blah. so getting insight on this topic is rather difficult without the right people around . either or . back to my topic. Sativas help my depression ,lack of motivation caused by it, and in the right amounts and properly taken, anxiety. altho indicas help my anxiety and restless leg syndrom, helps me eat properly, sleep properly cuz honestly when you got anxiety and depression along with the other shit and a few stresses in your life too much sativa without proper indica balance helps depression but spikes my anxiety. indica helps my anxiety but makes me groggy/wanna chill or nap.

    so I tried SOUR DIESEL AND SUPER KUSH this week
    Sour D having a Sativa :Indica ratio of 90% sativa and 10 % indica/
    SUPER KUSH is 50% indica and 50% sativa altho thats what they speculate .

    sour D works 9 times out of 10 for both anxiety and depression. but not Restlessness or anything like that.
    altho erlier I smoked couple hits and felt kinda uncomfortable most of the day . tickled my anxiety I guess.

    Super kush is more mild softer high on both ends but I just smoked a few of that one and still kinda tickled it lol. I tried combining them and fell asleep.

    sometimes a homie just cant win :( . what are your guys preffered ratios or strains if you medicate . and for what ailments?
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    Any type of Kush is usualy good for me. I also keep it old school with Northern Lights. That one's a bit hard to track down sometimes. It's so old it's been kind of abandoned as people keep mixing genetics. But I supposes that is why some of are willing to put the work in growing ourselves.

    Also love Durban Posion and Sour Skywalker.

    Mainly I am just looking to slow my mind down and reduce anxiety. As I get older because of my family genetics I am pretty sure I'm going to be dealing with severe arthritic pain that will destroy my joints to the point I can not move. That is when I will need the pain killer buds. Some of what I smoke now is useful for that but I just want to "chill" so to speak.
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    agreed OG kush usually a favorite . had Northern lights year or so ago it has its own aroma. cant mistake it lol.

    the best sativa Ive ever used for medicinal effects if Jean Guy. Jack Here and Super Sour Diesel.
    Jean guy being #1
    I prefer indica but sometimes i over blaze and end up burnt right out lol
  4. I have this aversion to indica. I've really only had experience with it in edibles. Here's what I've found: Indica is very prevalent (as well as "hybrids") in edibles. It makes you pretty comfortable. If you take to much you can have a bad experience.

    I recall from times that I smoked that sometimes I would get too stoned. It would be like I didn't want to move or anything. Once I learned about strains I noticed that certain strains didn't cause that. I specifically remember Blue Dream was a good Sativa.
  5. WeeDMaN

    WeeDMaN a pothead

    ya things are so convnient now a days years ago you got a bag of good fuckin weed and you didnt know the science or ratio. countless mornings at work where 1 session left me on a burnout all day. if survivng long work days burnt out was a job Id be pro lol

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