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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by candilovinmother, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Firstly I'm new and I posted this in the wrong section first. So please be nice cause somebody has already had a dig at me for posting in the wrong spot.
    This is a long question.
    My husband waited until I was drunk once and then invited another woman into our bed for a 3some. Years later his friend (male) was over and we all got a bit dunk I went to bed and my husband asked if I wanted to have sex with his friend. I said no.
    Just recently my husband was encouraging me to flirt with this guy that comes into our shop and later said I could have sex with him. Now my husband has changed his mind. I really want to have sex with this guy but I don't even know how he feels about me.
    I'm 43 and the guy is a bit younger. How do I find out if he is interested and how do I get my hubby to let me do this.
    I was hurt when hubby slept with this woman now I'm hurt again because I'm still allowed to flirt with this guy but nothing else.

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  3. OK great so I really don't know what Im doing perhaps you could offer to help. We could start again. it seems that you know more about posting on forums than I do and your very quick to respond to posts. And hopefully somebody will eventually give me some advice with my original post. I would put a smiley face here but I cant find them.

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    Stick With Your Original Thread, And One Of Our

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    I'll close the other thread.

    Here's some advice: You seem easily confused. Stick with one man.
  6. Oh now I think Ive stuffed everything up. Maybe I should give up. what do you think

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  8. Thanks Glen

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  10. Jimmy P

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    Probably your best best is to tell your husband about your feelings.

    If he is an ass about it, tell him in no uncertain terms about how his actions have made you feel, and that for him to ask something like that of you, only to change his mind once you agree, is unreasonable at best and not fucking fair in the slightest, especially considering he basically conned you into giving him the threesome he's no doubt always wanted. You're "allowed" to do this or that? You are not a pet or an item. You're a person, and as his wife you should be one of the most important persons in the world.

    As for getting the younger guy interested, well, a bit of sexy confident seduction should probably do the trick. As long as you know he's not in a relationship or gay or anything, I don't imagine it should be a great challenge to get him in the sack.
  11. mvmcd1950

    mvmcd1950 mvmcd1950

    I think Jimmy P's advice is sound.. your husband needs to understand that you got attracted to this guy, & you can't unring the bell.. I hope it all works out peacefully..
  12. Here's some advice: You seem easily confused. Stick with one man.[/QUOTE]

    Only confused with forums as I have never use one.
  13. kokujin

    kokujin Senior Member

    i kind of lmao when a woman comes and ask for advice like this.

    WHAT WE SAY DOESN'T MEAN SHIT. You're gonna fuss and act on your emotions anyways. Or just drive your husband insane. lfmao your husband wants a 3some and you wanna cheat and fuck a guy 1 on 1 'cuz you find him HOT.

    Of course you won't see it this way either.
  14. scratcho

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    I don't think you understood her question. I'd suggest re-reading her original post. what's good for one should be good for the other, is what I got from it.
  15. As for getting the younger guy interested, well, a bit of sexy confident seduction should probably do the trick. As long as you know he's not in a relationship or gay or anything, I don't imagine it should be a great challenge to get him in the sack.[/QUOTE]

    Well that's the problem, I haven't had to seduce anyone for 23 years and back then I really didn't need to much to get a guy.
    Not so now.
    A few weeks ago I walked up to the guy (S) and blurted out that I was freezing. How stupid is that. He just said maybe I should go for coffee. I didn't want to be negative so I told him I preferred caramel.
    Hubby (M) assumed that this was an offer of sex from him. But I wouldn't know.
    Yesterday when (S) came into the shop I noticed his aftershave and once again just said something stupid. "God you smell good'.
    (S) was polite and casual with his response, so I didn't say much more in case I stuffed up. At least he knows I'm interested.
    The thing is I have never noticed any aftershave on him before. It was like he had only just put it on.
  16. kokujin

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    ^ lmfao. women gaming without their tits ass and pussy value. I love it.

    I hope he plays with your emotions, leads you on, then hits you with "i just want to be friends, but you're real nice" after YOU make a real move.

  17. kokujin

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    her husbo brought in a chic for a 3some. probably a one time thing for the experience of the 3some.

    OP is trying to seduce other man at work on the daily behind her husbands back.

    :| really now?
  18. drumminmama

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    Three years ago? Let it go.
    However, you paint a picture of a manipulative jerk.
    But does that make sneaking OK?
  19. You assume that his 3some happened once. did you ask me no? The bitch started giving my 11 year old daughter advice on boy friends. and other stuff. By the way my OP also stated that one minute he said I good have sex with the guy then he changed his mind. He now saying that he didn't enjoy have sex with 2 women at the same time. But he sure didn't say that while it was happening. He smack a heap of rules if I did have sex with this guy. I didn't do that when he just decided to get her into my bed and he certainly did not care about how I felt at the time.
    drummimama and kokujin maybe you should think about who is actually being manipulated here. I don't what to do this behind his back. I just want him not to fuck me about all the time one minute he said I can fuck the guy the next thing I can't then suddenly I can again 5 mins later he will change his mind. And I'm not flirting behind his back he is still encouraging my behaviour towards this guy, so I haven't done anything wrong here.
  20. drumminmama

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    Don't like our advice? Go play on

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