Husband thinks the rainbo is bad

Discussion in 'Rainbow Family' started by Dylanchick0113, Jun 19, 2006.

  1. My husband married me four years ago knowing that I was a hipy, but today Ive been informed that he thinks that hippies are child molesters and that i cant take my nine month old daughter raven with me to the gathering because he thinks i cant PROTECT her. I broke down and cried like a sissy when i heard all of that there,, not too sure what to do about it,, my other daughter cheyanne isnt his by blood so he told me he cant stop me from bringing her buit that i cant take my lil one. What could be going through his head to think that a peaceful gatehring of people would be bad for her. If anything I cant imagine a better place for her to be. I bet my lil one would love it there. Anyone got any good ideas on how to talk to him ? or what to do? Im lost here guys,,, no frigen clue what the hell to do now,, any ideas?
  2. free2fly

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    Awww I am so sorry to hear that. Im sure that has to be such a frustrating/depressing thing to hear from him right before the gathering when you've been planning for it all this time. :( Why dont you tell him to come along and see for himself?
  3. hippiehillbilly

    hippiehillbilly the old asshole

    tell him if he was that worried about his family.. hed be that worried about you all..
    an if that was the case,, hed come along damn the consequences..

    hell if nuthin else,, if he was a man hed meet yall at the gatherin an see for himself..

    yeah thats what id tell him..

    luv n light
  4. Ya no kiddin,,, I asked him to ask for time off of work for the past three months,, why the hell doesnt he come with us,, we were all lookin forward to him being there,, wtf ,, why do people all of a sudden get ignorant on ya,, grrrrr,, screw him im still goiin what a prick
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    That's horrible. I have never been to a gathering, so maybe I don't know, but hippies are NOT child molesters. Just because some of us believe in "free love" (which I don't, but I don't hate those who do) doesn't mean we have no morals, no boundaries, no sense of right and wrong. Most people get that screwing around with a kid is wrong. Those that don't have a sickness, and that sickness does not discriminate; it can inflict a hippie, a businessman, a bus driver, a rock star, a jock, ANYONE! If he is so afraid of child molesters that he won't let you bring her to a gathering where people are supposed to look out for each other and show love towards each other, then he should have a problem with her going anywhere.
    Does he bitch about you taking her for walks, too? Jesus, how stupid...
  6. busmama

    busmama go away

    So, is he planning on taking care of the little one while you are there??

    Why is he worried you won't "protect her"? Is he concerned that you will be drugged up?
    I have to admit, that there have been people at gatherings that I keep my kids from. But most of those in attendance have been wonderful.
    A gathering is a safe as anywhere, maybe a bit more so. priests and Pastors are known child molesters, would he keep you from church?

    On the other side though, I think my man would be a little wierd about me taking the kids camping deep in the woods alone. Maybe because he has no idea of how cooperative a gathering can be, he is picturing you all by yourself taking care of everything. Some men feel that for some reason they need to be there to protect us all the time. I don't know, usually when dh tells me no unreasonably I just do what I want anyway.
  7. I dont do anything but smoke pot and i NEVER do it while im takin care of my daughter, and i dunno why he thinks this stupid shit,, I think he said i couldnt protect her because hes afraid ill never come back to him with how stupid hes been acting, I dunno,, If he wanted to spend more time with her I wouldnt mind her staying with him while we were on the trip but he didnt have to say something stupid like that
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    well how can he stop you from taking her if he is your husnad you have joint custody and you have just as much of a right to take her to the gathering as he does to say she cannot go
  9. Bumble

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    what is up with guys not liking Rainbow Gatherings???

    Just talk to him about it. Tell him that a great mother like you would never put her child in danger and you protect her from any negative people. Oh since i'll be driving with you you can tell him that I'm an education major and I love children. I just don't have any yet. :p
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    Bumble, lovin ya hair :)
  11. dudenamedrob

    dudenamedrob peace lily

    To the O.P.~~~~~take the kid anyway, she's your flesh and blood, besides you have the vagina, you call the shots when it comes to the kiddies :)
  12. LMAO,,, I love that,, Im gonna use that when he gets homw,, I have the vagina so i get to call the shots,, thats some funny shit,,, I made him eat his words anyways,, Last night when he came home I let him have hear everything in my head,, and omg that was a,, He broke down and apologized,, and then apologized some more,, and then hey,,, guess what he did,,, ??? thats right ,, he apologized some more, I WIN!!!! and that dudes right bumbles... you do have some kick ass hair,, I wanna get dreadlocks bad,, know any one thats going that could help me out a bit?
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    yes fattass see what happens, your kids dont grow up close minded & stupid & go around flamming message boards cause they are too dumb to think of anything else to do..good point
  14. cheese-wiz

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  15. free2fly

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  16. Hahahaha ignorance is bliss eh? Ya its so wrong to bring your kids to a place where theyre free to be who they are withouit being judged.. omg how horrible if they dont fear you and turn into the lil conformists that you want them to be huh? Ya love is a scary scary thing eh?

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