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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by heartsnotfarts, Jan 7, 2005.

  1. what are some strange adventures you guys have had when your high? i just had a strange one a few hours back... me and my friend (mynameisjake07 on the forums) do this during the winter... we tell our parents we are going to pine knob, a local ski hill. so, we get our parents to give us like $20 for a lift pass. yeah, we've only actually snowboarded once this year. so, tonight, we drove around there and just baked. (pine knob is by I75 in clarkston in michigan), so we get crave, so we wanna go to white castle.we foundwhite castle pretty easily, because we bot had gone there before sometime this week. we get: 2 #1 meals, $4.40, each. the meals were each: 4 sliders, 1 onion chips, and 1 large soda. while i was ordering, some african american guywho was working there (sorry, just trying to say that in a non-offensive way, i dont hate them at all) well he started talking to me, and said he liked the grean snowboarding hat i had on. then he asked if i was wearing the hat right now. i was high, so of course i said i wasnt wearing it. he started laughing like crazy. i asked him if it was really obvious, and he said he couldnt really tell, cause he was high too. he talked about how i shouldnt be scared or afraid that im high and worry, i should be proud that im high. then, i went back out the car and enjoyed the meal. like i said, we get: 2 #1 meals, $4.40, each. the meals were each: 4 sliders, 1 onion chips, and 1 large soda. man that was probably one of the best meals of my life. then afterwards, we were driving home, but i forgot to tell him to take a right turn, so we go in a giant circle around pontaic, mi, but then go the wrong way again, and accidently head south. at this point, we have absolutely no idea where we are, not even knowing what direction we were going in. we look around, drive around, but have no idea. then we saw them, the big, recognizable buildings. we were in the ghettos of detroit, michigan, which is not a very friendly city. we're driving around, trying to find our way home, and at a stopped intersection we saw this one kid, just getting killed, totally beat up, by some gang of kids. we got scared, and turned around to try to at least get away from detroit, which is where all the cops are in michigan. then, we end up in west bloomfield, which is the richest city in the state of michigan. we pull over at a burger king, so i could ask for directions. the lady told me where to go, but i had absolutely no clue what she was talking about, so she had to draw a map for me. took about 15 minutes and this like 13 year old kid in line behond me gets all pissed cause i never understood where to go. well, we finally take the right roads to go back to pine knob. but on the way, i thought one of the back tires blew off the car, so like stood out the window to look. jakes hand was near me, so i thought he was like gonna push me out the window. so i started tripping out, and it caused him to almost ran into a tree. then on the way to pine knob, he let go of the steering wheel, and we were literally an inch from hitting a tree, and he said "this is it, this is the end" then he was like what the fuck and pulled out of it. if he wouldnt have pulled out, i probably wouldnt be posting tonight. well, after a while we finally got back to pine knob, but when pulling into a parking spot, he accidently pressed the gas insted of the brake, and we rammed into a snowbank, coming extremely close to hitting two other cars. we were high, so it was hilarious. well, just chilled there for a while, then some blue truck pulls up. we knew they were doing a dropoff, and were dividing the stuff up. the whole time, we were paranoid our boards would get stolen. we finally left, and the people in the truck started yelling at us when we were leaving. they looked pissed for some reason. they probably wanted to buy some jane from us, but never got around to it. i would be mad too. well, i finally went home. anyways, the whole getting lost thing in detroit cost like an hour and a half. still high, but coming down.

    so what im asking is, all of you who have good adventure when your high, share them.

    have a nice day
  2. ya that was crazy man, you should posted this in like the marijuana threads though
  3. nice idea. ill post it there too.

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