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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by gladna pluca, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member

    This is Adil...then

    Alo, you invited me to have my ups
    on yours, but baby i need more directions
    Just love and adore I do for you in this
    small town with bones of sceletons rising
    from the hills and cemetery s from the
    past centuries..
    I got high now but eyes of their ancestors
    rised in them and it s hard to say I m gay
    to dead people indeed, can t you see
    I need a warm hug and i will wub on our
    pleasure trip,,
    Adile now fall on me and depend on my
    fresh meat...
  2. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member

    Like a musein you called me on the minaret
    to the sound of allah speaking of love..
    If Muhamed won t come to a young, youngster will come to him
    High is ok, but you are no god so i fear i fall down
    It s a high ground to contemplate on love..
    So sorrow comes to my inside and you disappear
    from the mosque just when I changed my religion
    TO your religion, dear..
    I m godless now and loveless.
    and it reaps my inside, so i cry you know now
    I will die and love will hide
    No I ain t blind
  3. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member

    Adil s history

    Oh god you did walk into the place with dinamic
    of an wild afro animal and made an instant impact on my
    wild sexual behaviour towards intuition of that kind..
    and made me grind wild with house beats and noises
    and i wasn t high thanks god and i coul see you clearly
    and your walk galore..
    Ah beat that floor and jump on up and down, beat that floor
    and beat all those i dont adore.
    Yes it s clear that search has ended in this nest or as some
    normal people call it a hole..
    It s dinamic i love and you don t have a problem i know
    what you want, it is me, nice and alone, not down among
    no more..
    Crocodille hunters are after us but than before us they know
    we will kill them before they say go u..
  4. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    english's a bit rough, but the voice's unique.
  5. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member

    SET down
    Aah, and rocks fell on me
    you couldn t get near me
    Blood turned it into
    a dream
    My last dream of you
    You could fly too, in my belly
    you dreamt of me
    feeling empty and
    full of apathy
    did deserve it cos i
    fell in love for you
    Did you continue to
    live inside me and
    tremble me with ur
    now that you re dead
    inside of me
  6. fulmah

    fulmah Chaser of Muses

    I agree with Van on these... the english could use some cleaning up, but behind that there's some great stuff here! keep em coming!
  7. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member


    I met a guy who
    wanted a quicky
    with the girl i knew
    and they didn t do it
    or they did, who cares
    but he was singing
    i m a creep to me
    and a boy with a
    radiohead t shirt
    was coming toward us
    is that the effect of the
    radio, everybody can
    say bad things if
    they don t get it wet?
    also don t care
    he talked to me
    said write me
    i looked at him
    my eyes said
    are you crazy?
    please sing it back
    to me
  8. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member


    Like one eye has been
    enough for that time
    i ve never seen
    what i will
    again in the past..
    i will see the past again
    but it will never come back
    But that one eye is enough
    for come back
    keep on
    you are as close as she is
    isn t that cruel
    one chance with you i got
    but he other eye your
    mama caught
    our destiny in the eye
    i didn t saw
    but the pirate name
    sayes it all
  9. VanAstral

    VanAstral Member

    crazy creep is tops!
    good stuff, mate,
    keep it coming
  10. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member


    put me down
    beneeth clothes
    run me over
    with the train of kisses
    and make that train
    run in circles
    like the
    ring you ll give
    to me
    overdose me with love
    clone in the home
    in the city
    on your working place
    in nature
    i ll be your
  11. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member


    He didn t want to talk to me
    Ok I see, it s obvious why
    But tell me why you don t ?
    What do you want?
    I m ok with that it s not me
    Something tells me you re not so sure
    People will hue
    Now tell me..
    Who s that with you
    Whose that boy
    I know you don t want himm too
    It s easy to tell me that
    Words are proof
    Scared of something
    I ll be that too
    You ll be scared of me too
    Let them touch me you ll see
    Kick them is no hard thing to do
    But what bout me and you
    One day u ll be sure
    this town s a fur
    i ll need it no more
    when studying s through
    tell me you want me
    i ll tell that
    when this is thru
  12. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member

    lost friends

    Gledaš me posrnulo
    bojiš se uvijek
    ja nisam tvoj prijatelj
    dušo to
    traje zauvijek

    izgubljeni prijatelji

    AGain that pointless smile
    said he wasn t your friend
    i hear his words from you
    don t realise
    boring life
    gets you together
    boring him
    boring you
  13. fulmah

    fulmah Chaser of Muses

    yes! crazy creep's got that vibe I love so much... off kilter style that has direction but seems to be rambling. Great great work. My favorite I've read of yours!:)
  14. Firebelle

    Firebelle Member

    I especially like the poem above, as quoted by Fulmah, and also the poem titled 'Marriage'. The style is very crazy and off - beat, probably because of your translating the language rather than your actual style, but who knows? I feel as though these poems are written from a female pespective even though your signature says you are male...I have no idea why I think this, it's just an instinctive feeling *shrugs*

    Take care and keep writing!
  15. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member

    hi hi hi, yes i m male, gay..well it s not the translation thing, people here on my native language posts say that they read my just because of the style:) :& and how i use words. I m very funny person, semi lunatic :) ..sometimes i think i don t have something important to say and then the sentences are clear and understandable in traditional point of wiew..
    thanks a lot for your posts..:) next one, inspired by dark angel show, kate bush..yep and saturdays classes where we ll make greek puppets for puppet show

    green and black

    oh sabbath and morning
    how it sounds
    it s back
    the coldness
    it s back
    the working day
    it s a week s day
    teach us young
    call you aged
    and don t say no more
    why don t they
    know we are gods
    i ll be in the woods
    and trees will
    before the necessity
    the times
    when we all see them
    on tv while they are burning
    i ll run
    before to tell them
    i love you
    you re not all the same
    i know even the dog s
    faces, for they can remember
    why wouldn t i rec. them
    just lean on me you old
    for u have that power
    one goal
    to make me a god
    in wood
    and teach me
    how your beard
    and roots of trees
    have the same meaning
    that you all see us
  16. fulmah

    fulmah Chaser of Muses

    -green and black- almost made sense to me... :) I love that feeling when looking into a world that's not like anyone elses, and while nobody's world is quite the same, some are just way out there, and those are the fascinating ones. Perhaps it's a translation issue, but I don't really care; it's better this way, imo
  17. KittenX

    KittenX Purrrific

    Loved Marriage!!!! Boomerang, I had that word in me head for days....and this is where is surfaces. Excellento.
  18. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member

    thank you people
    now i can t even start writing before i say thanks :)

    went thru

    i ll smoke all these cigarettes
    cause of you
    thinking what i could write
    about us two
    well you never made me blue
    never seemed to disapprove me
    made me motion to look u
    better 2
    meke me feel one is the number
    not pointless like they do
    i shake again
    feel i could faint
    i ll need to ask for an
    before i lose you like i did
    in other guys
    my fear
  19. ojo

    ojo Member

    i like this one. they are all good. your writing makes me think of chaos, rhythm and passion. lots of passion!
  20. gladna pluca

    gladna pluca Member



    an attitude
    one life
    and the rest is
    not up to you
    who said it won t
    they ll hount you
    prepare you
    and cook you
    like all those
    they used to
    hount too
    flesh is what you got
    is flesh realy what you

    viva vegetarianismo:)

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