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  1. I picked this up as a hobby about four days ago. I'm not great at it (I just started!), but it's fun.

    Here is one of the hoops that I made. It's 41 inches across. My other one is 49" and it's big on me, so I made a smaller one today.


    Action shots of me hooping like a fool:

    I don't know why this one looks so light/grey.

    I can keep it going around my knees pretty well (and have gotten some nice bruises as a result). Biting my lower lip like that is just something I did without realizing it. It looks kinda ridiculous. :&

    The flash went off in this one so you can see my oh-so-wonderful glasses.

    I also took some low-quality silent videos with my camera. They take a while to load but the links are as follows.
    -More knee-hooping. I'm still working on this.
    -Up and around. Took my glasses off in case I hit myself in the face with this one. I did, a couple of times, just not in this take.

    Does anyone else here hoop? I know some of you have got to be better at this than I. Post your photos/videos/tips here and maybe help out this newbie. :)
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