hows she doing??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Growing' started by bush basher, May 27, 2007.

  1. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    this is the 2nd week


    this is the 1st week
  2. Superpimp

    Superpimp Member

    shes looking ok, but its still nothing special :p keep me posted
  3. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    any idea what strain it is or weather its an idica/sativa??? or any deficiancy's???

    but its still nothing special??? it is my first grow. then i'm waiting to move house and build a proper grow room and have four growing.
  4. Dark||Nomad

    Dark||Nomad Member

    Basing my judgements on the thickness of the leaves, your plant appears to be mainly indica. However, it could be a hybrid of both. Its still early. But I think the plant looks very very good.
  5. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    thanx dark nomad, i'll keep postin weekly pics in here to show the progress. it's grown from some bagseed. and the bush was very good so hopefully it will turn out to be female.
  6. Dark||Nomad

    Dark||Nomad Member

    Try putting a fan in to blow on the plant or brushing it with your hand a couple of times a day to make the stem stronger.
  7. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    there's a 12" oscilating fan in there at the mo. thanx for the advice tho. oh 2 sets of leaves sprouted out the top with the sides of them curled up another 2 sprouted and they are fine what could this be??
  8. Dark||Nomad

    Dark||Nomad Member

    As long as they dont show signs of disease (yellow or brown) then they are fine, they should uncurl with time.

    I read a thing in high times a few years back about how there are some plants that show this and even a spiral tendency with its leaves, it said if this is a favorable trait then the plants might evolve to look this way(over the course of thousands of years).
  9. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    no the leaves have started to curl, any help please. i,ve stopped using the nutes. and this happens.

  10. vashman420

    vashman420 Member

    kinda looks like your over watering.... now i could totally be wrong but looks like your watering like everyday? try to do it about once a week or atleast no less than every 3 days
  11. Scorpius

    Scorpius Member

    Do not also put any water on the leaves because when water is on the leaves and the suns heat will burn em....
  12. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    thats what i was doing, i was spaying them with rain water. i've stopped it now hopefully she'll perk up again. thanx alot.
  13. Superpimp

    Superpimp Member

    dont totaly stop the misting of the plants, just do it before dark time,
  14. bush basher

    bush basher Member

    thanx pimp! i will do!
  15. ShadyGrove

    ShadyGrove Member

    If yout want to increase the health and productivity of the plant look to soils and fertilizers. NOT MIRACLE GROW! you want too look for some mild and water disolvant fertilizer (usually looks like little grains of bb's). How this works is everytime you water the soil, small amounts of the NPK (nitrous phosphorus and Potassium) in the fertilizer are released to the plant. therefore not overpowering the plant which is why some people are against fertilizing plants. this is your call but as far as my plants go it's never ruined any. as I said earlier do not use miracle grow this is a common misconception with new growers who use this fertilizer that potentially overpowers and kills their plants. don't get me wrong it's great for lawns but never worked for me.

    Recomendations for fertilizer:
    Harrells plant food 14-14-14
    great stuff

    good luck and i'll definately check in with ya.

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