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  1. I have just registered for an account here and I thought I should drop in and say hello. My name is David, and I am an American ex-pat now living permanently in the UK, in South-Eastern England.

    A little history on me and the reason I am now 100% disabled: I was fine physically for the first few years we lived here, but then developed an aggressive, progressive neurological disorder whereby my nerves and muscles (especially in my legs) are slowly dying and atrophying. I am also suffering now from chronic Cirrhosis of the liver caused by my many years of alcohol abuse. Although I haven't had a drink in nearly 20 years (or smoked any herb for that matter until I became ill), the damage to my liver is done and cannot be reversed. As a kicker, all of the medications I have been forced to take to relieve the sometimes excruciating pain I must endure for hours/days since this illness began has caused further irreparable damage. My liver is now working at only 30% capacity and my spleen isn’t in much better shape.

    So, I forced myself to get away from the smorgasbord of pills the doctors freely prescribed for me. I did my own research to discover what medication(s) would be best suited for my particular circumstances. In the end, there is nothing on earth that has been chemically produced that will not cause liver damage of some description and degree.

    I was losing weight at a terrific rate. This illness caused me to go from 260 pounds all the way down to 118 pounds in about 15 months. That’s when, out of sheer desperation since the doctors could come up with no method to enhance my appetite so I could eat, I asked a friend if he knew where I might be able to get a little Cannabis to try. He had no problem finding a bit and when I tried it I was amazed at how much of the pain was nearly instantly cooled! That night changed my life.

    I now grow my own medications here in my home, and produce enough each crop to provide for my own needs as well as the needs of two friends who also require relief from certain medical symptoms.
    Nowadays I only have to wear a changeable morphine sulphate patch, supplemented (rarely) with liquid morphine and morphine pills that dissolve almost instantly under the tongue. They work quite well when I fall and suffer immediate pain that tops out over the morphine threshold, but there are obvious drawbacks to using such a powerful opiate.
    Now, when I have a particularly bad day, I spend that day smoking as much of my potent herb as I like. I also smoke early morning and late nights. I have gained weight since starting to use Cannabis, and according to my doctor the weight loss stopped in the nick of time. I am nearly six feet tall, and 118 pounds (and falling) put my doctor in a fright. I was told that I was on the verge of being hospitalized for malnutrition and that my risk factors where heart attack, stroke, etc are concerned were very high. The weight loss had to stop.

    To take care of the “pain breakthroughs” as they are referred to here in England, I smoke Cannabis, and it works exceptionally well. In fact Cannabis has worked so well for me—allowing me to use far less morphine and to eat where I had not a hint of an appetite before—that my doctor even agreed to write a letter for me stating that in his professional opinion it was the Cannabis I smoked that was directly responsible for the dramatic reduction in chronic pain, as well as the “amazing” improvement in my appetite. He and I both agree without hesitation that Cannabis genuinely saved my life.

    Well…there’s not much else to tell on that score. I just thought you’d like to know a bit about the new kid. I am generally a bit more quiet and reserved, but I have had a rough afternoon, which was improved greatly by the two fatties I smoked before writing this. They were rolled with some truly fine Biddy Early bud that has been curing for about five weeks, and offer the smoker a couple of hours of smooth euphoria as the pain is quietly asked to leave, and an fresh appetite is invited in.

    I am fairly proficient at Hydroponics growing, and will gladly help with advice when and where I can. I grow using NFT tanks (3) inside a Homebox Grow Tent and a custom made grow “box” that is exactly half the size wide of the grow tent, which is a 1.2 meter model. I generally use Canna nutrients but I am trying House and Garden nutes this time to see if there is any appreciable difference. This will be my sixth crop.

    I hope to get to know all of you in time, and look forward to having many fun discussions!

    All the best!

    David (Herbin’ Cowboy)
  2. i'm glad it's helped you out :)
  3. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    [​IMG] WeLcOmE tO tHe FoRuMs DaViD! [​IMG]
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    welcome to the forums david

    enjoy and have fun
  5. Thank you all very much! I appreciate the warm welcome!
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    Welcome Herbin' Cowboy dude!.. I'm BiG MERV

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