Howdy Sir!...and Maamz! :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself!' started by 40oz, May 12, 2013.

  1. 40oz

    40oz Guest

    I've been to this site numerous times in the past searching for answers for things and I find myself stumbling on here quite often.

    Anyways, I decided to join in and why not? Seems I come here enough and at times I just want to comment... :/ lol

    Well, I don't want to say anything about myself, I think I might already do that too much. Hope to get along. C ya:party:<-omg that's so cute, COOL SPOT!
  2. Welcome aboard 40oz !

    It does take about 20 post count an maybe few days to change guest into member... then messages & chatroom functions work.

    Enjoy ;)
  3. Welcome to the forum. :)
  4. jimmyjoe1

    jimmyjoe1 toker Lifetime Supporter

    Welcome 40oz!:)
  5. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    Welcome to the site,i hope you like it here!

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