How would everyone react if Trump went full Nazi and ordered a holocaust of American Muslims?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by JShep2154, May 8, 2018.

  1. JShep2154

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    I would hope the US Military is more interested in protecting the constitution than mindlessly following orders!

    I would hope the Millennials still believe in gun ownership as well as organized militias and rise to fight the Trumpstaffel.
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  3. McFuddy

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  4. I'd stock up on hummus
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  5. fraggle_rock

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    More likely, he would get Erik Prince to carry it out in the Middle East where it wouldn't become a news story until it was too late.
    I am sure that some Americans would support it, but most wouldn't.
  6. NotMyRealName

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    A great example of why the 2nd Amendment was created. I'd take up arms to fight against it.
  7. neonspectraltoast

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    I don't watch the news anymore, but ya'all are making me afraid of Trump. I don't believe the news or Trump or the left. Until the next election when Bernie makes me care again, perhaps...
  8. Maccabee

    Maccabee Luke 22:35-38

    More likely everybody will ignore the order.
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  9. GeorgeJetStoned

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    We have "no kings here" in the US. This scenario seems to assume we do.
  10. SpacemanSpiff

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    elephants would fly out my ass
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  11. fraggle_rock

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    Not that I think that a lot of right-wingers are incapable of carrying out a Muslim genocide, but to be honest, I think they hate libruls more.
    The real danger isn't going to come from the military, it's going to be from domestic right-wing terrorist groups.
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  12. unfocusedanakin

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    The Marines I know have also told me this. The real threat is gun owners who disagree with the politcal process. It is deeply rooted part of their culture that they are entitled to fight the goverment and that they will have to.

    They served during Obama's terms and because of the attitude then they trained on how to fight the militias. Their duty is to Americans even if the American does not agree with them. Part of true freedom is differing opinions not the culture of hating.

    Many in the military are Republican but I was told to get anywhere near the units they were in you can not the be the typical liberal hating Republican because every American is American. You need to be trusted to shoot the real enemy which requires some thinking. It's not hard to be a Marine they will take anyone today with a pulse. It is hard to be a Marine with a respect position. Most people will be grunts and they are OK with that. They got tuition and they got to shoot Muslims they recruiter told the truth.
  13. I think Trump has done rather well as a President so far

    Its the crazy nutters on both the left and right coming up with the silly assumptions

    The latest one being the Iran nuke deal. The Union of European Socialist Republics wants to keep propping up Iran so it can interfere with Syria and Yemen
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  14. storch

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    Really? I don't watch the news on a regular basis, so which gun owner disagreed with the political process, and which politician did they terminate?
  15. fraggle_rock

    fraggle_rock Member

    He has done a horrible job so far... and the long-term effects of the things he is doing now haven't been felt yet. I don't think there has ever been a president whose decisions have immediately affected things.

    Things like defunding climate change research, starting trade wars with China, sabotaging Obamacare, essentially giving Iran freedom to develop nuclear weapons, ripping up the TPP to allow China to dominate Southeast Asia, alienating American allies like Germany, damaging the credibility of the US, etc.... and worst of all, he has actively pushed the left and the right against each other since the beginning of his campaign (which also seems to be the Russian strategy) by using racist, sexist and fascist rhetoric. All of these things will have long-term repercussions.

    How is trying to prevent Iran from getting nukes 'propping it up' to interfere with Syria and Yemen?
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  16. fraggle_rock

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    Right-Wing Extremists Are a Bigger Threat to America Than ISIS

    You can actually see a lot of people parroting the same conspiracy theories on this very site. The problem is that these conspiracies and lies (like the ones told by Alex Jones and of course also by Trump and implied by FOX news) are protected by free speech laws... and trying to censor these people would just provoke their followers to more violence.
  17. neonspectraltoast

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    I would gladly take my place among the victims.
  18. storch

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    . . .
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  19. wilsjane

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    I think that the time when Trump proposed stopping Muslims from some countries entering the US until a better method of screening terrorists from among them has been exploited by the media into making people believe that he is anti the entire religion.
    It is purely another case of his opposition acting like petulant children in their attempts to discredit him. I am sure that he has employed Muslim staff in his companies over the years.
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  20. storch

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