How to pickup night lamps or a lamp shades for hall?

Discussion in 'Home Decor and Household Tips' started by Alankar, Jul 2, 2013.

  1. Alankar

    Alankar Banned

    Hi all!
    I need some suggestions, regarding the selection for night lamps or shades for my hall.
    My room had ivory colored hall walls, and dark sky blue colored bed walls.
  2. elvina

    elvina Guest

    I think you should choose light color lamps and lights. LIke very light yellow, peach color. These two will be suitable for your hall.
  3. masonbrown

    masonbrown Members

    It is very easy and great to decorate hall with light color lamps and lights specially ivory colored hall, light colored Chandeliers are suitable for such hall. It will add uniqueness and attraction to your hall. I have tried different chandeliers of unique designs which I found at I hope it will be helpful for you.
  4. FrancisWang

    FrancisWang Members

    Light yellow lights would look good.

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