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    Every girl in her imagination has her future wedding dress. So, to find it in store, she needs month or two. And, what is why, our first advice - start to search your wedding dress beforehand.

    Main rules and advice! ----quoted from

    1. Search in internet weddings catalogue. You can see the range of models, prices and determine which fashion atelier you'll visit. Beside that, many high quality fashion ateliers provides much more information: prices, new collections, information about tendencies and so on. This will help you to save you time.


    2. Ask your friends about their advice and opinion about some fashion ateliers. May be they recommend you interesting place where you can buy the wedding dress of your dream

    3. If you live in town go round all studious, but in cities concentrate of some which you choose in previous steps.


    4. Call to atelier and ask is the trying on paid or not? How many dresses can you trying on without buying.

    5. Try to choose a fully free day to go round all choosen studious. You shouldn't hurring up!

    6. If you in bad mood move your trip. You should buy wedding dress only in high spirit!

    7. In the day you're going to choose wedding dress, try to use minimum of cosmetics. In attelier you may be asked to wipe off lipstick.

    8. Take with you shoes with heels. Because you still don't have wedding shoues, but should know the lenght of wedding dress

    9. We recommend you to visit atteliers with good friend, mother or sister - with person whom you trust. This person should give advice, but not to restrain you. But don't take more, than two person. Many opinions can addle you.

    10. When you come in studio, inform shop assistant, that you're not going to buy dress right now. If shop assistant loose interest, go to the next fashion attelier!

    11. Tell shop assistant which ammount of money you're going to waste. It'll help to reduce the range of dresses, which you'll trying on.

    12. You should be hones with yourself. If you feel uncomfortable in dress, don't buy it (whenever the shop assistant praise the dress and you in it! But if shop assistant suggest you to trying on some dress - do it. May be it will be your dream wedding dress (but you can't understand it while the dress on hanger.

    13. Be shure that studio provides fitting wedding dress on your body.

    14. All trying on you should do with same shop assistant and seamstress

    15. If you are wedding on foreigner, make clear about his traditions. Practicall in all countries the color of wedding dress has it's own symbolizm.

    16. After choosing dress, you should select gloves, bridal veil, bijouterie. It's not easier. In some studios gloves and veil are taken as present to your wedding dress.

    17. If you don't choose the wedding dress in first day of your searching - don't panic and don't buy first dress. Wedding is the significant day in woman life, so you should be satisfied. Choose more 2-3 days to go other attelier and try to find the dress of your dream!!!

    quoted from
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    thanks, I'm making a wedding dress for my play. this helped alot
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    no thanks,that I can help you is my pleasure!
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    this is a great tip/help in choosing the your wedding dress, thank you for sharing it.. i'll keep this for future reference..
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    Wow! Your dresses look nice! I couldn't afford that much, so I went to for mine:


    It costs me $313.98 and shipping, and I received it. It's surprisingly great, considering how much I have paid for it! Material feels great; the dress feels solid, nothing flimsy. They have a lot of designs but somehow this one catches my fancy the most. Anyone else want to share where they got their's from?


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