How To Make Firecrackers In The Microwave!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana' started by joe07735, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. joe07735

    joe07735 Member

    This is the definitive guide and I pray to god that it's stickied b/c I'm ready to eviscerate the next idiot who asks how to cook with mj in the microwave.


    Small Glass Bowl
    Plastic Wrap


    ~ 1g herb (quantity varies depending on quality and tolerance)
    5 tbsp Natural Peanut Butter


    1.) Put decent layer of peanut butter on bottom and sides of bowl
    2.) Grind herb really fine
    3.) Put herb in middle of bowl
    4.) Top off with peanut butter
    5.) Mix throughly
    6.) Put plastic wrap on top of bowl
    7.) Put in Microwave for about 40 seconds (varies depending on microwave but watch until the top starts to look crispy)
    8.) Let cool
    9.) Eat however possible


    -This works I've done it alot.

    -Smell is minimal.
    - ~2hours until noticeable and pleasurable effects kick in (again varies on tolerance)
  2. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    good recipe.

    but should have smoked that gram to your dome and have 'noticeable and pleasurable' effects in minutes...
  3. joe07735

    joe07735 Member

    I agree, but if someone wants to eat it this would save us 9999999 threads a day on the damn subject.
  4. Icktongo1

    Icktongo1 Senior Member

    Good recipe, i'll try it eventually... And yea. This should be put as a sticky >.>
  5. Biida

    Biida Member

    I thought you shouldn't put plastic wrap in a microwave. Am I wrong? o_O Quite likely.
  6. ^^^ why? because of plasticides? or because it would melt? because it don't melt...
  7. M4N14C42O

    M4N14C42O Cannabis Connoisseur

    IMO firecrackers are a waste of time and herb............but nonetheless, thank you joe, your right, this should save us quite a few pointless threads.
  8. canibus420

    canibus420 Member

    they dont really waste time ? 20 seconds to grind bud and spread Peanut butter, 40 seconds to cook, yeah it takes some time to kick in, but think about it , if you wanna have a good high during a full school day, these are the way to go, and yes , this should be stickied to save us from those threads
  9. Jimmy420

    Jimmy420 Member

    Waest of weed just like the leary bisquet, smoke it
  10. Fallout55

    Fallout55 Banned

    No way, eating weed is so much better!
  11. tculi

    tculi Senior Member

    eating pot is around 5 times more effective than smoking it. smoking ruins some of the thc. cooking saves all that tasty thc
  12. joe07735

    joe07735 Member

    I'm just going to bump this because again we're getting the how to/best way to eat mj posts.

    I again assure you that this works perfectly.

    As far as the smell when I said minimal I said that just so everyone was careful, but honestly there is like 0 smell until you take the plastic wrap off the bowl after microwaving it; and even then if u do it anywhere but right in front of someone they won't notice.

    I find the longer you leave the peanut butter cool the better the high. I think this is due to more THC being released from the heat.

    Anyway enjoy.
  13. logwarrior

    logwarrior Member

    great recipe. next time i get a bag i'm going to try this.

    i only posted this for the bump btw cus the how to threads were starting to show up again already
  14. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    I think that it would be super if there was a 'eating' subforum, like the stoner's lounge or hashish. Tuesday I get a bunch of schwag from my friend, who just started harvest :) I can't wait, I love eating weed so much.
  15. NorthernLytes

    NorthernLytes Member

    eating it is the best way, u get so much higher that way, but in opinion firecrackers taste like butt, lol I make some nice space cakes though <3
  16. young_deadhead

    young_deadhead I Love Lucy

    great thread man, this makes me wanna try it. Just wondering how much bud do you usually use for this?
  17. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    ^ 3X what you smoke
  18. Astrofabrical

    Astrofabrical Senior Member

    I just tried this with a little of 2 grams of vaped weed. I guess now I just sit here and wait o_O
  19. yatoldmeso

    yatoldmeso Member

    what power level should your microwave be?
  20. joe07735

    joe07735 Member

    Astrofabrical - Tell everyone your results once you come down so that people finally believe that this works.

    young_deadhead - I use a gram of decent shit perosnally

    yatoldmeso - No clue it varies depending on the microwave

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