How to fuck a crocodile -

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Friend, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Friend

    Friend Banned

    Here's an nice story I read - take the time to read it's good.

    A lady lost her child and he got caught in the crocodile's mouth. So the Croc told the lady, the only way I'm letting go on the kid is if you say the truth, otherwise I croc him. So the lady answered, you'll never let him go.

    So the croco thought about her answer, if I let him go, she lied, therefor, I should chew on him. However, if I snack on him, she told me the truth so, I must let him go... So the croc kinda went bazonks because he couldn't figure it out...

    It's a paradox...
  2. ruski

    ruski Senior Member

    so why not let him go for a second then run up quickly and eat him again
  3. Friend

    Friend Banned

    Good Ruski. Serious. I like when people can fuck it.

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