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Discussion in 'Bisexual' started by rogue1959, Jul 23, 2013.

  1. rogue1959

    rogue1959 Guest

    To make it short and sweet, I don't like personal ad sites.
    I know of some of the cruise sites in my town but don't want to hang out in some smelly bathroom and don't want to get caught blowing somebody in the woods.
    This may sound like a weird question, and sorry if it comes off obnoxious. I was just wondering if there is some way people looking for it and people who have it to give can connect discreetly in everyday life? Is there some esoteric way that only interested parties would be able to discern, to indicate that I'm looking?
  2. KewlDewd66

    KewlDewd66 Member

    Nope. There is no esoteric way. No one has got the time and/or patience to make the things even more complicated than they already are...

    But you may have it your way, nonetheless. Hit the road. Get yourself to a major gay metro area, walk into a gay bar, and you'll soon talk to another dude, who may be interested...

  3. desert-rat

    desert-rat Senior Member

    I am not gay my self . One thing you might try , some of the adult chat rooms, but you just dont know who is on the other computer .
  4. j17435

    j17435 Member

    Why do you not like the online hook-up sites? When I decided to experiment with gay sex, in a relatively short time I was able to meet 3 nearby middle-age white collar professionals like myself. 2 gay, in between relationships and 1 bi guy. All seemed like decent people. Yeah, there are some nut balls online, but they are pretty easy to screen out if you use a little common sense and caution. To me it seems safer than cruising bars and bath houses, etc.
  5. megancruise1

    megancruise1 Guest

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