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Discussion in 'Alternative Technologies' started by kron, May 3, 2007.

  1. kron

    kron Banned

    So we all have our ideas about what is considered "eco-friendly."

    Being a strong environmental enthusiast and frequent concert-goer, this buzznet forum question really grabbed my attention.


    Oftentimes, events will be put on to promote environmentally-friendly causes. Yet, with the resources used to execute the event or festival, are these festivals really doing more harm than good?

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  2. tooniceguy

    tooniceguy Member

    no, the recent live 8 concerts proved this.. they were a total failure, and the fact of the matter is they pollute and use energy.. sorry
  3. Littlefoot

    Littlefoot Lifetime Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    Sure, Kron.

    If everyone walked to the festival and all the music was pure acoustic with no
    amplification and there was nothing there for sale that was from industrial
    sources or was from outside of the area...

    You get the drift.

    Otherwise, it's just another rock concert, regardless of the hype.


    'Peace, like a river flows.'

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