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Discussion in 'Relationships' started by aznluv, May 27, 2004.

  1. aznluv

    aznluv Member

    hi everyone

    i'll having a relationship problem with my cousin. All of this started last june when i went over to her graduation. i was her only cousin that was willing to over to hawaii. i had fun over there and felt good to relax but my cousin she left me high and dry. I devoted so much time to help her for her graduation. i could thing of about 12 meaningful things that helped her out and want i got for it. NOTHING. She left me high and dry over in hawaii and went her friends. True, she would may never see her friends over there but i came 5000 miles to go see her and hang out with her and importantly i sacrificed a job for her. So i guess i'm like Chase on 24 in picking family first. Now, she came to my graduation and i also treated her well like buying her expensive chocolates, drinking jamba juice, taking her out for lunch with her step-dad. I gave up my friends just to hang out with her. Now, she goes out to hang out with her other cousins and she's leaving me out to dry. i feel disheartning that i devoted so much time and thought for her and now i realized as of right now it was for nothing. I really do like her b/c most of the cousins in the family i cant trust in my point of view. i really do see the potential in her but it doesnt show it in my eyes. i felt that i wasnt being appreciated for my efforts. true, that i hear thank yous but she doesnt realized what i sacrificed for her. I talked to her mom and she said that she doesnt really care and love for her cousins really, only her friends and her immediate family. Do u expect that a guy (me) who does a lot for a girl get maybe lil something in return? I mean i dont want like if u do something for me, u have do something back for me. i dont want that i want to ask yall if i should confronted her about all of this and try to fix things or i should let go and move on. she and one other cousin imo i could really trust. i really want things to work out for the better.
  2. ZePpeLinA

    ZePpeLinA Jump around!

    what do you exactly want in return?
    why so much "sacrifice" for your cousin?
    are you in love with her?
  3. grim_rebel

    grim_rebel Member

    umm... well i'm assuming that in your culture it is accepted to date your cousins. In that case, go for it. I don't know what 'go for it' means, but tell her how you feel, be honest with her and yourself. I suppose that's the only advice i can give, as it is the only one that helped me... be honest, have patience, be yourself.
  4. aznluv

    aznluv Member

    i just want like thank yous and/or hugs

    my aunt (not her mom) knows her very well and thinks i should be good cousins to each other.

    HELL NO but i do care/love her as a cousin

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