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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Bellfire01, Jan 14, 2005.

  1. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

    moon. Micly Rooney was suppose to do a commercial where he showed his butt but it was nixed. I think, personally, that a moon should have a few crators just to make it look interesting. What dou you think?
  2. cerridwen

    cerridwen in stitches

    I absolutely agree...

    No one wants to see Mickey Rooney butt.
  3. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

    I don't know. I've never seen a butt his age. It might be soft and fluffy. Give his butt a chance. ;)
  4. TheGanjaKing

    TheGanjaKing Newbie

    no one needed to see that.... I didnt and I'm really glad
  5. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    Were they selling puke? Because that's what I would remember from a commercial like that........
  6. madcrappie

    madcrappie crazy fish

    at least it wasnt andy rooneys ass.
  7. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter

    Who wants to see my butt?
  8. DoDaMan

    DoDaMan Member

    Ask Randy Moss that one! LOL! Better yet, ask a Green Bay Packers fan! LMFAO!

  9. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

    Hey now that's not fair!! Randy's butt is young and it may have been a little different but I don't want to see his. Micky Rooney is like most older people. They have really soft behinds and you just want to see what they feel like. (Tell the truth.)
  10. daisymae

    daisymae Senior Member

    I don't really want to know. I am guessing it feels like a half-empty bag of sand.
  11. TheGanjaKing

    TheGanjaKing Newbie

    ewww. I have never wanted to know what an old persons ass feels like. Is that some strange fetish you have?
  12. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    If you want to see an older person's gluteal muscle region up close and personal, get a part time job working in a long term healthcare facility. You get to give showers, bed baths and change liners (diapers) every day. An older person's butt is often times boney and the skin can have tears due to the shearing forces of the sheets.

    I'm 45 and my butt has psoriasis on it; red blotches covered with patches of white flakey necrotic tissue that itch and--when scratched--bleed.

    Mickey Rooney seems to be somewhat well endowed in excess adipose tissue (i.e. fat) so I assume that his rump might also be similarly laced with fat deposits. In that case, the cheeks probably sag.

    Chances are if such a thing were done, he'd have a tushie double or he'd wear a prosthetic butt cover for aesthetics.

    Ah, Hollywood! It's my life!

    "I'm ready for my close-up now, Mr. deMille!"
  13. Bellfire01

    Bellfire01 I'll say anything

  14. olhippie54

    olhippie54 Touch Of Grey Lifetime Supporter

    I don't know about my ass but, I seem to be too old for the women on this site. They're all babies.
  15. NaykidApe

    NaykidApe Bomb the Ban

    Thank you. I suddenly like my job alot more than I did.

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