How many women dream or have been in a spit roasting scenario?

Discussion in 'Free Love' started by Stormofswords, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Stormofswords

    Stormofswords Member

    How many woman have wanted to be in a MMF threesome and being spit roasted?

    How many woman have been in a threesome and have done the spit roast position? Did you like it? How did it happen? Would you do it again?

    Please share you stories, thoughts, concerns!! ;)
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  2. Done it, enjoyed it, will do it again.

    First time was when I was over my then bf's house and his best friend was over. I caught them watching porn and saw it on the screen. I told them you can dream about it or we can try it. Seconds later I had two holes filled and loved it.

    A later time we tried cum roulette. I had to guess which two of the three holes were gonna get cum in them. ;)
  3. mted

    mted Member

    You're a sexy chick indeed. I hope to do something like that with my girlfriend. She enjoys watching porn with me. I'd love to take turns with another guy cumming in her pussy though. Nothing would be sexier than that ;)
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  4. az_shag

    az_shag Guest

    My bride LOVES this. I know that when she is getting fucked by a friend she wants to take me in her mouth.

    A fun time is had by all!
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  5. Voyage

    Voyage Noam Sayin

    not sure what you're asking?

    how many women dream.


    have been in a spit roasting scenario.

    all women dream, just like men.

    as far as spit roasting, it's probably kinda like the other, both men and women can do it?
    i guess i'm not getting why its a female question or... ???

    so my best guess would be...

    women that dream: close to or = 100%
    women that have been in a spitroast: </= the percentage of men that have been spitroasted.

    this is all just a guess tho...
  6. gina899

    gina899 Member

    I've done it and it was loads of fun. I would again, given the right situation.
  7. Stormofswords

    Stormofswords Member

    Did you end up sucking them both off first or went straight into the spit roast position?
    Who did you take in the mouth, and in your vag/ass?
    Did they switch positions at all? and where did they cum?

    Thank you for sharing
  8. Cherea

    Cherea Senior Member

    Why not the three??
  9. Started with a double blow job to make sure they were nice and hard then to the spit roast.
    They alternated and every hole got some attention.
    Finished in vag and ass. :2thumbsup:
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  10. deleted

    deleted Visitor

    the microwave...

    you stick a potato in the microwave: and when your spit-roasting the monkey in the middle, you drop it on their back..
  11. Stormofswords

    Stormofswords Member

    Would you care to share your experience on how it all went down?
    Started with blowjobs? did you DP at all?

  12. mted

    mted Member

    So hot, standing ovation in my pants. ;)
  13. PineMan

    PineMan Senior Member

    I'm certain such things are created by the porn industry when they start to run out of original scenarios. This time last year I'd never even heard of a spit roast, apart from in its cookery context - now it seems to be the 'in thing'.
  14. Son of John

    Son of John Banned

    I have done this, but not often. The first time it was with my wife and a good friend, the second time it was with his wife.

    I will admit that when I was positioned where I could see my friend fucking my wife, in the pussy, it excited me even more, so that I came much more quickly.

    Then when I fucked his wife, it greatly added to the excitement to know that he was watching my every more.
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  15. buzzgunner

    buzzgunner 180 grains of diplomacy Lifetime Supporter

    My wife has done it once, with my best friend fucking her from behind while she sucked me off. It was her idea; she really wanted it and seemed to love it.
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  16. gina899

    gina899 Member

    Kind of a long story. Not sure everyone would be that interested.
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  17. Maryes47

    Maryes47 Members

    First time was a little too forced. I was 20 with a date who invited his buddy for my first threesome. I was ok with 3, just not how his buddy used me.
    At 38, my hubby and I enjoyed the 2nd time I tried being "spit roasted". Slow and easy, they took about 30 minutes with over 5 decent orgasms from me with hubby finishing me off by triggering a squirting g-spot orgasm as our new partner kept my mouth on his cock....he came as I was about to collapse, urging me to swallow as hubby said I would. We switched ends three hours later and it is now nothing to avoid.
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  18. nympho man

    nympho man Member

    My wife loved it the time we have tried it. We had a friend that would join us on ocassion. She would let me cum in her mouth as he fucked her from behind. I always enjoyed just as much as my wife did. It's pretty hot to see her enjoy it so much.
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  19. BoomieGG

    BoomieGG Members

    Ugh I want it so bad D;

    I just need to find two sexy guys to do this with ;D
  20. lion1978

    lion1978 The King Staff Member Lifetime Supporter Super Moderator

    I can't imagine that being a problem

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