How Many Ways Can Be Used to Masturbation?

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    Masturbation is a way for couples to masturbate themselves due to they can’t get an orgasm from their partner. Today, we will introduce 4 best tips to help women masturbate.

    Clamp pillow with your legs

    When you are tired of using your fingers, you may want to put a pillow between your legs, rub the root of your thigh, so that will also stimulate your vagina, slowly reach the climax. If you use a fake penis, you can pad your pillow under your hip so you can change the vaginal irritation.

    Friction clitoris

    Women can use the middle and index fingers to press, knead or circle the rubbing clitoris, or can also use the fingers to try the different strength of the pleasure. The most sensitive part of a woman is the clitoris, where many women give full stimulation to the clitoris, without the need to insert the vagina.


    When you take a bath, you can use the shower nozzle to impact the vulva. This can increase the congestion of the vaginal area, causing sexual excitement, but do not directly spray the vaginal mouth to the strong spray, so as to avoid injury and infection.

    Use the bullet vibrator

    If the use of external objects such as the bullet vibrator, the material, length, hardness, thickness and other aspects should be strictly checked. But the bullet vibrator is now the most popular female sexual masturbation product, in the quality of the present need not worry. If you still worry about that, you can choose the best bullet vibrator form PhiloToys.

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