How many tokes of salvia do you normally take before you close your eyes + drift off?

Discussion in 'Salvia Divinorum' started by sHIP of fools, May 24, 2007.

  1. sHIP of fools

    sHIP of fools Member

    I was under the impression that you're only supposed to take like 1 hit...but after reading some things i'm thinking maybe take more? Maybe this is why i've never been like FULLY trippin' w/ sally d. Could someone fill me in. I'm workin w/ 10x from Iamshaman btw and i've smoked it like 30 times- always get closed eye visuals but nothing w/ open eyes.
  2. Ynef

    Ynef Member

    Well, i think with the 10x you can take 2 hits or more in a row because it's not that strong but with something stronger once you take a huge hit you're not going to be able to hit it again LOL :p

    I always take 1 hit though. Sometimes i inhale more and sometimes less, it depends what mood and setting i have etc. I have found that when you take just a tiny hit from the 20x or 10x it actually feels like you're on some hard skunk... :p this is fun too sometimes...
  3. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

    with plain leaf I get CEV's at 4 to 6 hits.
  4. sHIP of fools

    sHIP of fools Member

    yeah man i actually noticed that small amounts of sal do resemble some heavy ass bud. The other day i smoked a few hits of weed- waited till my high was sorta coming to a close, and took a hit of sal...and if the container didnt say salvia i woulda thought it was some fine ass weed. I think sal. and weed work well together as well because weed gets you up off your baseline and then the sal. just launches you into hyperspace and then the trip lasts a little longer because the weed helps sustains it.
  5. Colimon

    Colimon Cheesus Christo

    I usually get my bong and take the smoke into the chamber slowly (and blow out a bit). Then I usually clear the whole chamber and hold my breath after that. I then relax on a chair or my bed and enjoy the wonders of this plant... :H
  6. Pepopstico

    Pepopstico Member

    if you need more than one moderate hit, consider using a stronger extract.
  7. Four Winds

    Four Winds Member

    It would be impossible for me to take more than one hit.

    I take a hit of 20X, hold it in till I feel like I'm gonna pass out, and exhale, and the very instant I blow the smoke out, I am tripping in full-force. I am not even coherent enough to raise the pipe to my lips and light it, or even understand the very simple concept of smoking.

    I agree with the guy above, if you need to hit it more, just step it up to a higher extraction. But if you're stuck at the 10X and want to experience more, keep hitting it until you get where you want to be I guess. I've never had 10X so I cant say.
  8. Ediction421

    Ediction421 Member

    Hmmmm... Salvia is such a strange drug I've been doing it for awwhile nowand I always feel like im playing a game with some kids from the ether or something. And they try to trick me, lol... well, im on it right now. forgot what i was gonna say. Something :cool: what was he gonna say, thats what I hear the salvia telling me lol

  9. sHIP of fools

    sHIP of fools Member

    yeah i think i need a higher extract. Does anyone know of a good site- i usta use Iamshaman but idk if they closed down or what- any suggestions?

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