How many times can you get high off an 1/8?

Discussion in 'Stoners Lounge' started by WDYKAM, May 31, 2006.


    WDYKAM Member

    I know some people that can blaze a whole 1/8 between like 2-4 people but I sold my friend 1/8 of nug and he got high every day for about 2 and a half weeks. I couldn't believe it.

    P.S. I'm talkin about 1/8 of nug not schwag or mids.
  2. mr.greenxxx

    mr.greenxxx Not an Average Bear

    well if he smoked like a bowl or summing a day- and he was dry for a while its possible- an eight would do like 7 joints/blunts for me- that would last me good 3 days lol
  3. KParker730

    KParker730 Member

    i keep my tolerance down by not smoking a ton, so an eigth would last me... yeah a couple weeks. maybe 10-15 bowls or more
  4. OstrOsized

    OstrOsized Member

    Depends, if I'm with a couple people, then probably 2 days. By myself probably a week or so.
  5. somedude

    somedude Member

    An 1/8 lasts me 3 weeks. I'll pack one bowl and smoke it throughout the night, never getting retarded...just maintaining a nice level of non-sobriety.
  6. Thats what I do!I don't like being too blown ya know?
  7. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    at a pretty normal rate, an 18th would last me 1-2 weeks, except when you smoke with other people its different, as well as if youre smoking joints or bongs.

    but to be honest, the amount a lot of people say they smoke ios ridiculous. like a gram in a bowl. i dont know anyone who does that, unless its in a big joint communally
  8. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    i can make 8ths last a week and a 1/2. doesn't take much to get me high
  9. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    i saID 5-15 but thats really just how many -sessions- not potential for gettiung high.
  10. if its good bud sometimes i like to only have one bowl, so 5-15
  11. CannabisReX

    CannabisReX Member

    wow after reading all of your "oh it lasts me like a week and a half" i feel the need to slow down. even by myself i usaually will go through an eith in like a week end so 2- 3 days. Ive been smoking everyday for almost 3 years running i do have an off day every now and then but i havnt had one of those in a while. but whgo saids smoking alot was bad. SMOKE ON!!!!!!! Cough!!Cough!!!!Cough!!!...............
  12. 40oz and chronic

    40oz and chronic 'Nuff Said

    ^^^yea dude slow down it would be for the better.
  13. SagaciousKJB2

    SagaciousKJB2 Member

    Yeah, I smoke about one to two bowls a night on average. It just depends on how late I'm up. Usually I will just take a few hits every half an hour or so, I find I'm higher for a lot longer than that. I find that it makes no difference how high I get if I smoke a whole bowl at once, so why waste weed?

    Anyway, my bowls are usually about a quarter of a gram. So an 8th would probably last me about a week and a half, depending on if I smoked one or two bowls.
  14. It all really depends on the situation. I've had 1/8ths last me like two weeds. I've also gone through a quad in one night with a bunch of friends, or a gram in like 10-15 minutes with just me and one other person. I'm trying to slow down so that I only take like two maybe three hits, cuz thats all you really need.
  15. slangshot1

    slangshot1 Member

    1/8 with just me and my bro about 5 days with tokin up other peopel 2-3 days max
  16. CreamPuffWar

    CreamPuffWar Member

    An 1/8th will last me one night of partying at college. Amongst everybody I know, I'm the only one who rolls the entire 1/8 into one epic blunt or multiple gigantic joints. Yeah, um, my tolerance is kind of high...heh, heh, heh.
  17. StonerBill

    StonerBill Learn

    so if you werent at a huge party, youd roll an 1/8 into a huge joint just for yourself?

  18. kokoyo112

    kokoyo112 Member

    That would be one fat jointt.
  19. CannabisReX

    CannabisReX Member

    Ya i know what you mean, no one i hang with rolls huge amounts in a blunt or something its always oh lets smoke a few bowls out out the bong. Personally i like blunts and knife hits the best, Blunts kill they lungs though, ive rolled so many 1/8 blunts, for christmas me and my cousin got a zip and took knife hits and rolled blunts all night it was intense. By the end of the night i was blacking out allmost ever knife hit i took but i still kept going. Keep on Tokin On. Peace Out

    Ps no one ever said smoking to much was bad thing
  20. gaum

    gaum Elephant Orgy

    i know im gonna sound stupid, but whats a knife hit?

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