How Many Scorpios here?

Discussion in 'Astrology' started by sexbanshee, Apr 3, 2007.

  1. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    Wondering how many....

    and if you can state your dob....and sun moon and asc and sex

    I am 29 October

    Sun Scorpio
    Moon Taurus
    Asc Aries

    I am female :)
  2. broony

    broony Banned


    November 6th 1986
    My ruling planets are Mars and Venus
  3. Nov6 of 87 and me bro is Nov2
    haha broony u r exactly a year older then i crazy

    Asc is Aries
    Sun Scorpio
    Moon Taaurs...

    same as sexbanshee
  4. broony

    broony Banned

    Yea thats tight but you live in Oregon.
  5. belladonna

    belladonna Member

    November 14th
    Aries moon
    Aquarius asc
  6. Sus

    Sus Hip Forums Supporter Lifetime Supporter

    October 27th...ascendant Cancer, moon Capricorn...
  7. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member


    We must be very similar in some ways....

    What are you like then?

    Describe yourself in three sentences...

  8. *waves hands manically in the air* I'm a scorpio! Although i was born on the cusp. 21st November, Its really difficult to decide wether or not i am a scorpio or a saggitarius because some astrologers say that 21st is the date change and some say the 22nd. I feel much more like a Scorpio but i feel i have a major conflict inside me with the two signs (fire+water=not good)
  9. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    Hey far

    I have an ephemeris(sp) ... give me the year and I will let you know
    for definate which one ya are?
  10. That would be awesome! I was born in 1987
  11. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    You are definately a Scorp!!!

    Sun didnt enter into Saggi until the 23rd...

    So now you know!!

    If you have time and place I can check your ascendant

  12. Thats great! Thankyou so much sexbanshee for doing that for me :) now i don't have to read the two horoscopes all the time wondering which one I am! lol
  13. well, logically there has to be 1/12 of all hip forum people are scorpios so all you need do now is find out how many people at hip there are and divide by 12
    and thats how manmy scorpios there are here

    I am not any of those starsigns my starsign is "The paste bucket"
  14. Miss_Beatle

    Miss_Beatle Beatlemaniac

    Me! I'm a scorpio!
  15. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member


    no prizes for guessting mate but you have to
    be a Uranian right?

    Ur-anus must be your chart ruler....or at least
    bear some significance in your chart I right or wrong?
  16. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    And for all the Scorpio people

    What three words come to mind to
    describe your sign?

  17. Peterness

    Peterness Member

    sex, spirituality, sensitivity lol

    Born on November 16th, 1983


    can you check my ascendant and moon sign too please sexbanshee?

    Was born at 2.02pm on November 16th, in Salisbury, Wiltshire

    That would be really appreciated.
  18. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member

    Yes of course

    I have recommended on the other post that you
    go into is where I will check your

  19. Peterness

    Peterness Member

    yeah its cool, just did it. :D

    Ascendant is in Pisces, and Moon is in Aries.
  20. sexbanshee

    sexbanshee Member


    My keywords for scorpio: intensity, sexuality, power, sensitivity, depth....

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