How Many Make a Commune ?

Discussion in 'Communal Living' started by Duncan, May 26, 2006.

  1. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    I live with two other guys. We each have chores. Are we a commune ? Or are we just housemates ? Does it matter ?
  2. Do you share your shit
    and invite other people to come and share it?

    Could be...
    DOES it matter?
  3. Duncan

    Duncan Senior Member

    I'm a nursing student. Mine goes into the toilet and is immediately flushed !
  4. badwolf

    badwolf Member

    Haha. Good comeback.
  5. campfire-fly

    campfire-fly Member

    I think a commune is best defined according to the unique circumstances surrounding each gathered living situation. Some are, some aren't depending on who's there, is there a purpose? things like that I would guess are important to consider when defining your household / compound.

    I'm working to build a small commune, small because it's extreme and remote. So far we have 3, more or less may or may not come around with the same purposes, hard to say. I don't think size matters when it comes to communes. But I could totally be way off if there's some kind of commune rule book floating around out there somewhere.
  6. Midget

    Midget Senior Member

    Some nurses tend to inspect it first...have you not started to do that yet? :p

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