how long till i can drug test?

Discussion in 'Cannabis and Marijuana' started by LifeGod101, Jun 1, 2004.

  1. LifeGod101

    LifeGod101 Member

    Hey. I need to take a drug test pretty soon, and Im looking for anyone that can give me info on how long for THC to leave the system. Im not looking for the generic 1 month answer. ive been around a while and have heard lots of things. I'm really looking for personal experience, or even better, a link to a reliable medical source. I did some brief research, but came up with very little.


  2. garf12

    garf12 Member

    well I have allways gone by the genaric 1 month thing. I took one 3 weeks since my last smoke and failed! I would recommend checking out some flush out kits at your local head shop or do a google search. I dont really know much about them and have heard mixed reports if they work or not.
  3. Paulncaroline

    Paulncaroline Member

    I do'nt know whhat piss tests are like in the states but here I've heard of people scooping up water fro the toilet abd then adding a bit of urine to that and voila!

    Or those flushing kits also have a good rep here....Good Luck!
  4. garf12

    garf12 Member

    the water thing wont work
  5. dspiel

    dspiel Member

    Probably depends also how often you smoke. THC stays in your system becaue it is lipid-soluble...dissolves in fat.
    If you only smoked once or twice in the past while, it's probably very different than if you smoke daily for weeks. THe latter case should take much longer to get it all out of your system.
    It all depends on an individual's metabolism, and on how much you smoke. But as a general rule, I wouldn't smoke right before a drug test! But a few weeks out and you might be okay if you're not a regular smoker.
  6. babynug

    babynug Member

    i had a brother in law that is atleast twice a day heavy smoker. he passed a urine test about 2 1 /2 weeks after stopping smoking. he drank a lot of water, probably almost 2 gallons a day. drank cranberry juice, and also did one of those "flush" drinks you can buy. he also took a lot of B vitamins to make sure his piss didn't look watered down. B vitamins make it look yellow. hth.
  7. LifeGod101

    LifeGod101 Member

    thanks guys

  8. LifeGod101

    LifeGod101 Member

    hey garf..prior to the 3 weeks you hadnt smoked before your test, were you smokin lots right up till you stopped? did you do anything other than stop smoking to try to pass the test?

  9. garf12

    garf12 Member

    I cant remember it was like 3 years ago. I do remember hearing from a very reliable source that if you smoke alot you will be clean faster then if you dont smoke much. Seems kind of backward but that is how it was explained to me.
  10. LifeGod101

    LifeGod101 Member

    well garf, if your reliable source is right, then im fuckin SET. i wish myself luck.
  11. Master Shake

    Master Shake Member

    I usually stop two weeks prior and drink LOTS of water and cranberry juice, then two hours before the test I drink this thing called DetoXXify. You can get it at a headshop for about 40 bones (keep the box and everything because if you fail the test, you get double the money back). The drink is only active for a few hours, so read the directions carefully.

    Good luck!

    EDIT: I've NEVER failed a drug test and I'll go through about an ounce a week.

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