How I Found Out I Liked Spanking

Discussion in 'Spanking' started by sonyajean, Oct 12, 2019.

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    I think the main problem with spanking is its perception . Most will just think of the disciplinary side of it which is just one aspect . Just gently almost stroking my partner on her rear is enough to turn her on . She is normally on all fours and not over my knee when this happens and is part of our foreplay . The latter we reserve for roleplaying .
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    ^^^^ Very cool. Why not?? Cheers Mysteron!!
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    This girl I was dating when I was 19 and just in college was a super tease but no sex. I told her after a month I was finished that I couldn't continue going out without having sex. A week later she called up and said, "OK, we can have sex". Our next date, we ended up at my place and I was fully expecting to fuck her. She said, "no, I just don't feel like it". I grabbed her really pissed off and I forced her to the floor in front of me. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my totally stiff dick ready to be sucked. She said she wouldn't do it but I made her. Today they'd call that date rape. I held her down and ejaculated in her mouth and, after some gagging on it, she swallowed.

    Well, she was quite pissed off at me and I told her she was a little bitch for doing that to me and she'd be damned smart not to ever do it again with any other guy--and I was finished with her--again! She called a week later and apologized for being a shitty little bitch and she actually liked me very much and she'd learned her lesson. "Can we go out again"? she asked.

    I was very hesitant to go out with her again but I really liked her for being her. She was a super cool chick and smart--but with a smart mouth too. She came over again and, again, I expected to fuck her. We did get naked and rolled around on my bed. She started the teasing again and I got pissed off again. She said, "what are you going to do, spank me"? And that is exactly what I did. I grabbed her and put her over my knee and spanked the shit out of her cute little ass. She squealed and begged but the more I spanked, the hotter I got. The more she was writhing in pain on my lap the harder my dick got. I was literally fucking her stomach while she lay over my legs. Finally, I ejaculated all over both of us. She was crying and wiping my cum off then she sat at my feet and said, "you're the first guy who ever did that to me". "I just wanted you to show me you cared." In some way, it was all a test. She wanted me to take control and make her do anything I wanted.

    She spent the night and we fucked all night. And, by the way, she got off sucking my dick again. She became my only lover for a year before we both went our ways but she got several more spankings.

    Ok, here it is, I spanked her hard. I spanked her with a paddle. I used a belt on her. She LOVED it and would orgasm from the pain. I discovered that when she was sexually excited, neither the belt or the paddle left welts on her. They would not even appear! It was something to do with the fact that she got sexually excited with the pain and the endorphins or the dopamine or the adrenaline healed what would have been some big red welts. I got to love spanking her ass and pinching her nipples. NOTHING left a mark on her.
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