How I became a Delinquent

Discussion in 'Pure Bull' started by Guru420, May 25, 2004.

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    Is life full if you've never jumped off a rofftop? peed in somone's beer? kissed a girl? been slapped by a girl? shroomed infront of cops? ran from the police?

    My police story
    My worst run in with the cops was not too far from my house in a quiet California community. I was walking home from a friends house and, luckily, I had moments ago stashed my vodka bottle in a nearby bush. I continue to walk toward the street leading to my house when I see a car coming. Its 2 am so I decide to play it cool and act as if I was trying to get into an adjacent car. This imcoming vehicle wasn't like the others, it slowed down when it passed and I saw the man inside had a uniform. Then the flashing lights came into play as he parked right behind me in the direction I had come from. He says somthing like "stop where you are" as he slithers out of his neo-Nazi charriot. Normally I would have complied, but I had intent to sell in my pockets and looked like a car-theif.

    No time to think, just run you fool. My legs made the decision long before my mind would agree. I said somthing like "sure thing" then let instincts take over. It was an all out race, a sprint between me and an uncharacteristiclly fit police officer. The swine held his own and as I took the corner onto my street I could feel his slimy breath on my neck. I could tell he wanted to tackle me with intense desire, but I wouldn't let up. My adreneline kicked in and when I took detours by vaulting over 6-foot planter gaps in a nearby apartment complex, he turned back panting. I hopped a fence to my house, didn't wake up my mom, and went to sleep in a pool of my own freedom loving sweat.

    There's a moral to this story,
    If the cop says stop, he doesn't really mean it, its just a manditory police expression. Police enjoy a good chase, thats why they entered the force; they want the thrill of the chase. Somtimes they must be humbled, like the cop who was after me, and I know that was a service to him. It was a wakeup call
    "hit the gym buddy"
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    Yes and No...
    There are two sides to this story. I understand yours, but I also understand the cop that chased you. He did not know your limits..What you would do? Pull a knife?, a gun? He probably has kids, but you aint got that far yet...
    Not all cops are bad, not all cops are good. Not all running guilties (you) are bad, but sometimes they are.
    Do not crow too hard, do not get too much of an adreneline rush. Thank your god (whoever annd whotnot) and thank your lucky stars (if you believe in them that you got away that once, and you never spent the night in detention with your mum balling her eyes out in dispair).....

    It's all part of your life story...
    Good running....
    Keep fit !
    Keep healthy !
    Keep happy !
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    Yes, lets all thank our luck stars that the police can't do their jobs.

    As a child, i had broken into numerous cars for ciggarettes and stolen an uncountable amount of goods from the mall, anything from clothes to cds to the stapler next to the cash register. I don't anymore, cause I felt like growing up. Hey, the cops could'nt do their job then either.

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