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Discussion in 'The Hip Polls' started by FreshDacre, Nov 25, 2009.

  1. FreshDacre

    FreshDacre Senior Member

    Have you driven a car?
  2. I put 100-110, if i've even gone that fast. If I have to go fast it's on the freeway and I don't look down at the sped. to see how fast i'm going. It's not often at all.

    Random question.
  3. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    Has the speed you've driven at directly relate to the size of your penis?
  4. Haha Freshdacre gets off on "adrenaline" things like speeding when high
  5. FreshDacre

    FreshDacre Senior Member

    Yeah my penis is big.
  6. FreshDacre

    FreshDacre Senior Member

    Lol yeah I know what you mean. I don't look at my speedometer hardly ever I actually got my friend to look at it when i went as fast as i could.
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  7. About 125mph is as much as I've done, on the motorway when there's nothing around. It scares me though :( Lol I'm a failure.
  8. 120-130----100 all the time was a speed freak cars bikes drugs--it ws safe in the desert 25 years ago no traffic no lights--probably faster speedometer only went to 120--after 100 things get different---i used to have a theory--Einstiein says the closer you get to the speed of light the slower u age---so that was my xcuse--faster i drive younger i stay--lol
  9. etherea not the speed i drove but the size of my wallett was directly related to the size of my penis---back in cash days no cards------i guess now im a limp dick cas im poor now--lol--good thing i have a stash of viagra and cialis that i got from my 73 yo dad to make up for it--lol
  10. FreshDacre

    FreshDacre Senior Member

    Lol good theory you got there, however you could just ride in airplanes all the time if that worked ;)
    Yeah i want a really fast car when i'm rich i'm gonnah get a Koenigsegg and go 265 mph lol.
    Why do people think things are dick measuring contests. Seeing how fast someone has gone only proves how cool they really are.
  11. haha - Another great theory
  12. The Earth

    The Earth Om Tare Tutare Ture Svaha

    the fastest I drove was in canada so yeah Kilometers.. :p
  13. etherea

    etherea mother of the idiot children

    Sharing dad's viagra, you sad fuck ;)
  14. JcD_2009

    JcD_2009 Member

    Hahaha very good call. Im from oz n my top speed would be about 200km/h. Not sure how fast that is in miles.

    Mad adrenaline rush though lol :D
  15. Indy Hippy

    Indy Hippy Zen & Bearded

    100-110 here man. had to run from the fuzz once...
  16. FreshDacre

    FreshDacre Senior Member

    Wow that's sad I am the fastest person to vote so far. I'm glad people are honest though.
  17. FreshDacre

    FreshDacre Senior Member

    Lol what. 100 is nothing to a cop. Unless your talking about a skinny road with turns lol.
  18. largeamount

    largeamount Senior Member

    i dont drive fast that shits scary please dont drive so fast you might kill someone
  19. Alternative_Thinker

    Alternative_Thinker Darth Mysterious

    I chose the 110-120 range. I once did 119 point something miles per hour. That was when I used to drive 130+ km/h(80+mph) all the time on the highway. I wanted to know how fast my car could go, and what it was really like to go to that limit. My car wasn't really that powerful, but I managed to get to something around 192km/h.

    I've mellowed out considerably since, lol.
  20. Joshua Tree

    Joshua Tree Remain In Light

    I don't think I've done more than 90, not very adventurous.

    A friend said he hit 162mph on a bike once, said he had to sell it or he wouldn't be around now.

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