how exactly do girlies you know..get themselves to cum on their own???

Discussion in 'Love and Sex' started by neckienoo, Jun 2, 2004.

  1. neckienoo

    neckienoo Member

    Hope that's not overly personal, you guys, but men alway talk about it. I wonder if women are into it too.
  2. spinelli

    spinelli Member

    I'm not too sure about the girlies I know, Ive never seen them cum on their own. But this girlie, well on her own, is the only way she cums.
  3. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    stream of water from the tub. hand-held shower head. garden hose, if you have a secluded back yard. jacuzzi/hot tub jets. running water is your friend. ;)

    clitoral stimulation: remember it's obviously incredibly sensitive. that little pleasure-nub has about the same number of nerve endings as the head of a penis, just more concentrated in a smaller area. if intense rubbing isn't doing it, try teasing yourself with a gentler touch. use a silky-smooth lube, unless you have a tendency to get really wet.

    if you prefer penetration, make good friends with your g-spot. kegel exercises do help, and have the added benefit of developing a wonderful, firm "inner grip" that men can't get enough of. again, consider a good lube if you need one. curved dildoes and vibrators are best for reaching the g-spot; if you don't have or can't afford a good dildo, consider what you can do with zucchini, crookneck squash, or oddly-shaped carrots and parsnips.

    don't be afraid to be creative with toys. you can spend a lot of dough through places like good vibrations, grand opening, and the xandria collection, on expensive toys and get your money's worth, but there's nothing wrong with thinking about the creative potential of everyday objects, and remember, this kind of creative thinking will be appreciated by a partner, too! consider the possibilities of those little rubber nubbly page-turner thingies that fit over your finger. once at a dollar store i found a "pet grooming mitt" that was covered with little wonderful rubber bumps, supposedly for removing dead hair from your cat, but it was purr-fect for stoking the pussy.

    dollar stores can actually be a treasure trove of cheap toys for couples and self-lovers alike, if you're creative. one trip to a local dollar store offered up a green glowing hallowe'en lightstick (turn out the lights and watch it disappear!), a dog's choke-chain, collar, and short leash, a pocket-sized battery operated "massager", a wooden pizza shovel (makes a good paddle but can't withstand heavy use) , a jar of honey, and a squeaky hot-dog shaped dog toy (hey, who says sex and masturbation can't be funny?)

    lastly, set the mood. why save all the romance for a partner? take a warm, fragrant bath - just don't use bubble bath because it can dry you out and cause allergic reactions in embarrassing places. (do remember what i said about running water, however.) light some candles and incense, and put on some exotic music. use your very best sheets. get some sweet red wine and a box of dark chocolate cherry cordials. put a poster of johnny depp on your ceiling! wear sexy lingerie and give yourself a body rub with some sandalwood-scented massage oil. and make sure you're not doing anything the next morning, because you won't be sleeping for hours! ;)
  4. neckienoo

    neckienoo Member

    you're a cool chick kittyfabulous:)
  5. kitty fabulous

    kitty fabulous smoked tofu

    thank you, i do my best. you know what they say: if you want a job done right, learn to do it yourself!

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