how do you meditate

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by shhhhh im talking, Jan 8, 2005.

  1. Stop the internal dialogue... Trancend the self... muahahha
  2. Woodstock

    Woodstock Member

    I do care. Try to count your breathtaking.. one two.. continue this and practice. if you feel like it try it every day.
    When you have the rytmn of your breath, you can let the counting slip away.. and you will be breathing in a very relaxed way. Then you will notice it will all go much better and easier. try to find out what meditation you want, search on google or ask people here for the next step
  3. Timmaniac

    Timmaniac Member

    be aware of both the physical and spirtual body as being seperate from each other and clear your minds of all thoughts with the breathcounting or breathfollowing.
  4. Yeah Concentrate on the breath, breathe out all thoughts like clouds, until there is complete stillness of mind body and spirit, through this you can have a very rich profound expireince, of complete transformation, like the birth of a butterfly..

    I dont think that there is anything more benficial than beginning to unravel the workings of oneself, seeking peace of mind. For the world.
  5. you also should think of a really peaceful place or thing in your life or some place you would like to go and focus on it

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