How do you define "hippie"?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by Hari, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. Hari

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    Using a brief sentence or single word, that you think it would simplify and eliminate confusion.
  2. BraveSirRubin

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    Lack of individuality.
  3. Asmodean

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    nature loving.
  6. L.A.Matthews

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  7. Loveminx

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    "How do you define 'hippie'?" don't.
  8. Asmodean

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    You could define them as old as well.
  9. Archemetis

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    iv heard this question so many dosent matter.

    if i had to define hippy id just go with authentic human beings....those are the people i seek out and hang out with and love. i dont care how short your hair is.
  10. dollydagger

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    free spirit
  11. neponiatka

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  12. iban

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    and music
  13. neponiatka

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    it's implied already :)
  14. LIN

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    lots of money! do what you like! love from your lover and family
  15. Hari

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    A drop out.
  16. A careing individual who is for peace, love, a clean earth, respect for wildlife and people, personal freedoms, hippies are also know to be very thrifty and suport big buisness as little as possible, Native Americans were hip people in my opinion.

    Just like everybody else though, these are my opinions of what being a hippie is. It's what you are inside that counts. Not clothing you wear, Not the way you wear your hair, not doing drugs.

    I recomend though taking a magic trip back were it all began. See not the clothing they wore or the drugs that were done by many, but what they actually stood for. Individual freedom is more than likely the most prominent thing you will find about these wonderful people but other things you will find is a respect for others freedom as well and a respect for the earth and nature.

    Here are examples of what is definately not hip, Child molesters, rapist, murderers, corporate greed, terrorist, crooked government people and the like.

    In closing though each individual has to decide for themselves what is hip and what is not, the statement above is how I see it in a basic sence though, just my humble opinion.
  17. You can't describe "hippie". Hippie is a state of mind, and a way of life.. just because you wear tie dye doesn't mean you are a hippie. The word "Hippie" is just like the word "catholic" or "christian".. you can't describe it because it's such a diverse way of life.. it's a set of beliefs and love for everything living, and non.. which varies from person to person. i could go on and on upon this subject, but i chose not to.
  18. I agree with what you have said. There are some things though that obviously aren't hip. Such as Murderers, child molesters, terrorist, crooked people, corporate greed and the like.

    In a certain other sence though there is a deffinition and it lies with each individual person.
  19. yes i agree. it's just not fair to try and steriotype every hippie. even though, yes, some of us do in fact wear tie dye and listen to grateful dead and some other "hippie like" things.. but when it comes down to it, we're all different.. in some way. whether it be what we believe in, what we stand for, the music we listen to, or our overall outlooks on life. But to me, being a hippie is a beautiful thing, that i think is often under appreciated.
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