How do i prep Wild Dagga?

Discussion in 'Exotic Psychedelic Plants' started by alchemist357, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    I got some wild dagga 10x extract resin with an order i made recently as a gift. how do i go about using it and how much should i use?
  2. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    I got some of that, too, but it didn't do anything for me.

    I guess pinch off a bit and put it on top of some other smoke.

    I do notice a slight effect from dagga, but only if I'm drinking.
  3. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    i made tea out of 1/3 of it. only effected me lightly as if i had smoked a cig after a long while of not having one. going to double it up in a few days and see what happens from there.
  4. tripoli

    tripoli Member

    Let us know.

    Did the resin dissolve okay?
  5. RylyC

    RylyC Member

    is dagga different from pot? or is it just another slang term?
  6. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    I had the water at about fresh coffe temp. it dissolved slowly but completely. took about 5 minutes of stirring.
  7. alchemist357

    alchemist357 Member

    Very different! I didnt go all out when i made it into tea. I didnt have any idea after about 8 hours of research on how to use the extract as tea and what measurements i should have used for safe usage. I pretty much walked into it blind. The effects i got where slightly lightheaded feelings, ability to think clearly, and a very slight altered vision preception. But, no feelings of nausa! Which i thought was a plus. The tea itself was actually quite good. I added a tsp. of sugar incase of any bitterness, which i am sure it has. Only slightly if anything. I plan on doubling my dose in a few days to see if the effects are more powerful.

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