How capitalism could work.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lying in a field, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. Well, unless you're stupid or in a position of great benefit, you would realise that basing almost an entire system on "economic growth" and the "pressures of the market place" is useless and nonsensical and has ultimately produced and all consuming, environmentally destructive, insecure machine.

    The strength of capitalism is that it creates a dynamic system based on competition which gives merit to "hard work". It fails in that the ultimate goal is to accumulate "money", which ultimately is a set of numbers.

    But, what if we redefined capital?

    Imagine the entire world competing on a basis of how we preserve our natural resources and our social security?

    Imagine a corporation (or a nation) being utlimately rewarded by offering their employees a minumum and humane standard of rights, bartering and using recycled goods, researching hydrogen fuels, fighting to preserve wilderness areas.

    Whereas today, the only incentives for doing the right thing only stretch as far as public opinion, and the public today is lazy and apathetic....and on goes the cycle of nobody taking responsibility for the planet and each other.

    Would it be that hard to change?...our "measure" of success is technically nonexistent. Nobody knew money would ever exist before the advent of civilisation. So can we not redefine capital with something as abstract as the pursuit of happiness for all?

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