How Can You Get Pain Pills When You Really Are In Serious Pain?

Discussion in 'Opiates' started by matt1162, Oct 26, 2016.

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    I injured my back lifting 500 LB. barbell. I'm in such pain it's unbearable. I can't even find a doctor willing to write a 2 or 3 day supply. It's ridiculous. First doctors wrote out prescriptions for hydrocodone and percocet like they were candy because they were somehow smart enough to make it through medical school but were too stupid to realize that opium was addictive as hell. These drugs are intended for acute, short term pain (exactly like I'm experiencing). Now all hospitals, urgent cares, and almost all primary doctors have a zero tolerance for prescribing these.
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    Even if you don't intend to everything you say here is classic drug seeking behavior. "Oh please I only need it for a few days then I will be ok". Doctors can see this too. Did you ask for these drugs by name? Sounds like you did and HUGE red flag.
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    If in real pain (and I hate saying this...almost as I hate doing it) go to the ER and eventually someone will ask for a number of the level of pain you are in. Tell them and they will give you something for it. Ask for a prescription when it kicks in.
    Don't oversell the number. If you go in smiling and say you are a 9 on the pain scale they won't take you seriously.
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    This is a result of some people making it difficult for chronic pain patients to get the medication they need. People doctor-shopping, mixing opiates with other drugs and od'ing and taking too much acetominophen and ruining their liver's. I really don't see any change in sight either, except maybe for the worse. I've heard Trump say that he intends to crack down on opiates. Crack down? You can barely get a Tylenol w/Codeine for a broken bone the way it is. Fuck that orange-haired baboon. He doesn't know what he's talking about.
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  5. When I get sciatic nerve problems I go to urgent care and just take what they give me. Other than that, a little pot won't hurt. Just edibles for me though, as I don't smoke.
  6. Colimon

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    They are really restrictive on who gets it and how much because too many people were abusing them. I would recommend a family doctor, private practice or pain clinic. Walk-ins and ERs are sick and tired of junkies coming in with fake problems or wanting more because they burned through their script. I can get maybe a percoset and oxazepam prescription once per year (if I'm lucky) and I have spinal metal and a few other chronic issues with my back. My doctor tells me to "suck it up" if I can still walk. So basically I don't think you're going to score anything good. They might go with codeine but you might just have to settle for muscle relaxers and aspirin. They wouldn't prescribe anything stronger than that without proof of serious injury (not just superficial muscle pain).
  7. Aerianne

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    Get a referral to a pain doctor.
  8. rollingalong

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    a bit condescending could say anyone lifting 500 pounds and injuring themselves isn't our top student either.......

    matt....i'm sensing a pattern here.....your threads do have a ''needy'' are hopelessly addicted to Xanax ,remember? have fucked yourself out of ever getting pain dope except post surgical administered via your i.v.....your medical file is likely printed right onto an actual giant red flag......

    i'm awlways nice to my doctor...kind of counting on her to help me if I ever get sick.....i'd be worried as hell if I knew she thought i was a knob

    ...good luck
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    Pain Management Clinics make you sign a contract that basically lets them dictate your life & the lives of people taking care of you (ER/EMS) etc Yet addicts get methadone or suboxone like candy (To be clear im not against maintenance therapy in anyway - but somethings wrong - when a person with no history of drug abuse cannot get a sensible RX (I broke my kneecap, they told me to go home and take EXEDRIN! (Doesnt help my migraines let alone a broken knee!)

    Opioid Epidemic? New War on Drugs (and we have no replacements at all at all)
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    In simple terms. Pain is your body telling you to rest and allow the injured area to heal. Pain killers that allow you to move the area or joint simply compound the problem and in some cases lead to far worse damage and even lead to permanent disability, particularly where the back is involved.
    I do not want to sound alarmist, but get professional treatment for the injury NOW, Taking strong pain killers could put you in a wheelchair for the rest of your life. I have seen it with my own eyes
    All this thing of "drugs" is complete rubbish.!!!!!!... A doctor prescribing them to you would be guilty of medical negligence.
    Sorry if this was not what you wanted to hear, but it is the simple truth. Long term pain control is only used when all clinical resolutions have been exhausted. A pain specialist will not even agree to see you unless you are in that situation.
  11. Interesting...

    This thread has my attention because shortly before I woke up this morning I was dreaming about getting x from a pharmacy in Mexico. I've never ever even done this. What I realized though was that even if a pharmacy had x that a) I don't speak Spanish, and b) I don't have a prescription. :D
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    What you say is true, but take a look at my reply, it is equally as relevant.

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