how can i make E's at home?

Discussion in 'Drug Chemistry' started by MOZMAN, Jun 2, 2007.


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    how can i make the little buggers in my kitchen and be raving the same nite?:party:
  2. crummyrummy

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    you need to be bitten by a saquatch

    MOZMAN Member

    thats really no help is it?
  4. Sensei

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    he's saying good luck, he doubt you can do it. or thats what I think he's saying. hell I don't know, I'm on drugs. but thats why I'm here. the Shulgins wrote a book, Pihkal or something, I have it hidden in my closet at the moment. they describe how to make E and pretty much a bazillion other chemicals. that's the process most underground labs use. the text is online on erowid, just go to the E vault at and scroll down the the synthesis/extraction category. but this pry won't be easy, thus the above poster's post. most people that nail the synthesis process have a background in organic chem, at least thats word on the street.
  5. PsychMyke

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    cant be done if your a joe shmoe...your going to blow your house up if you even attempt it

    pretty sure the precursor chemicals are strictly watched and regulated by most major governments of the world...MDMA is highly a deleterious and illegal chemical after all...great fun though
  6. Sensei

    Sensei Senior Member

  7. Yo dude from the uk to milton keynes.F or a start most pills that claim to be mdma in the uk are not.If your lucky youll get mda a more trippier substance.But most are just a mass of different phenythelamines.As the above quote said i would look at pikhal by shulgin but the reason most pills in the uk are not mdma is because the precursor chemicals are watched there for nearly all the pills in the uk sold as mdma are differnt phenythelamines such as mdea and the rare but highly dangerous pma.If you want a true mdma experiance i would go to ibizia where 99% pure mdma in crystal form is available.Sadly this mdma form is extremely rare in the uk but there has been one seizure in the uk in leeds.Hopfuuly this shit will become widespread.As for synthesysing this stuff it aint like meth it is not simple to do to be honest unless yove got some kind of serious chemistry knowledge you aint got a chance in hell.
  8. Trip to eclipse that is bull..

    Theres plenty of MDMA crsytal about the UK.

    As for the pills there better than most countris cause we are so close to the dam where regulations are not so strickt[​IMG]
  9. Where you at because theres no crystals in milton keynes.And also holland serves germany belgium and neighbouring countries before the uk.And how would you no you were getting mdma.Because testing kits only currently test for ecstacy like substances ie phenythelamines and there are litterally hundreds read pihkal by shulgin.
  10. plenty of mdma in south east london...we're swimming in it
  11. avon

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    i love how people asking how to make drugs like it is The Cookie Recipie
  12. klondike_bar

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    lol. pihkal has like a 2 page description on the synthesis alone. its simple relative to most drugs, but is still very difficult.

    also, in pihkal, shulgin doesnt really give MDMA the same description/credit as most people appear to. anyone else notice/understand it?
  13. psyclonnine

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    here i thought i was ignorant
  14. Your best shot is through bromosafrole, but I got a feeling even that recipe is an order of magnitude above your understanding of chemistry.
  15. What??

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    pfft send some my way
  16. Morning Bell

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    LSDMIKE Member

    college level chemistry some most do,,but it can be done with no chem colleag smarty?

    but it's not hard one would just need to know what to do it's not easy but it's not hard.


    how can i make the little buggers in my kitchen and be raving the same nite?[​IMG]

    if you did try to make this in the same nite the only thing you would be thinking of is going to bed..but hope it works out :cheers2:

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