How Can I Fight For The Real Hippie Message?

Discussion in 'Hippies' started by Light_My_Fire97, Sep 3, 2017.

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    So, I am 20, in college, and studying to become a journalist. While that is all well and good, I can't help but feel that my generation simply hijacked the hippie fashion, assimilated the political beliefs, and ultimately left the true values and important aspect of hippy-ism in the 60's and 70's.
    This feels extremely wrong.
    While I am far too young to truly experience the magic of The Summer of Love, Woodstock '69, or the Sexual Revolution, I also think the lessons learned at that time were very important, and it truly sucks to see the message of peace and love get lost today in our culture.
    I suppose my question is this, what can i do to help that message along? How can one person who is stuck at a college in the middle of Nebraska keep fighting the good fight?
    Thanks guys. Love.
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    Aren't the political beliefs part of the true values?

    Many of us who were a part of the original hippie revolution eventually grew older and wiser and realized we had to leave the naivete behind. The world is not all peace and love and flowers and sunshine. Sometimes you must step up and assert yourself and be prepared to fight for your rights, and not just with words. That goes for individuals, groups of people, and countries as well.

    Two months ago I attended the Rainbow Gathering here in Oregon, spent a week in an atmosphere of sharing and caring, singing along to people playing guitars and singing hippie tunes, dancing to drum circles, and sharing food, dope and drink with total strangers. On July 4th thousands of us encircled the main meadow there holding hands and singing Give Peace a Chance and chanting Om, then breaking into a huge cheer and dancing up a storm.

    The next day I broke camp and drove to a motel where I took my first shower and shave in over a week. I was back in the real world, heading home so I could go back to work on Monday. The hippie spirit remains in me, but it's a spirit and not a 24/7 lifestyle. Yes, stand up for your values and fight for peace, ecology and equality while fighting against intolerance, corporate greed and unnecessary war. But stay grounded in reality.
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  3. Joshua Tree

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    Being a hippie isn't really about fighting.

    P.S. Well done for posting at 4:20.
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    Whilst it's true that the revolution has certainly turned - that is the way of things
    As my Tag line " Peace + Love . Protest + Protect . Save the Planet " states the mantra of fighting for the right (to party) still holds true
    Each generation has a take of how things should be - and l guess is based on either first hand knowledge, personal experiences handed down or considered research.
    Whilst the saying of "You've never had it so good" may seem to be old hat - Social and Technological advantages have also seen advances in greater environmental and human destructive possibilities.
    In the end it is however down to the individual and their conviction and conscience of what and how they react - taking ownership and self-responsibility is not just a choice of the younger generation that follow, it it a duty
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    I'm a 60 year old man. And lately I've come to believe that the true expression of messages from the past isn't in repeating them.

    What you refer to as "hijacking", I think of as "expressing in the current context". ("Let's reject the expectations of the past, just like grandpa did." is an odd statement.)

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