How are you dealing with lack of intimacy during Covid-19?

Discussion in 'Sexual Health' started by New Account, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. New Account

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    25M (almost 26) Canadian. I have only been intimate twice in my life (both sessions were with sex workers at the beginning of the year (in January 2020) before the COVID19 pandemic descended upon us. Before those sessions, I had been a virgin and never been intimate in any way with a female. I am glad I got it done before COVID19 because it appears COVID19 will be with us for quite a long time. I am a single man and never been in a relationship. I have been self-isolating and social distancing ever since the pandemic began and have been feeling very lonesome. I also have been wanting to feel intimacy again. I have not been able to get sex organically (for some complicated reasons which should be for another post) and so, before the arrival of COVID19, I had been thinking it may be a good idea to continue exploring sex with sex workers (even if at least just one more session and perhaps quitting the hobby). I found the previous sessions helped me greatly in many ways. I am not sure if the arrival of COVID19 though signals the end of this hobby. Some sex workers and some massage parlours have started resuming services as of yesterday and today. I don't know if, however, at this point because of COVID19, the massage parlours would only be giving handjobs or full service. I am not that interested in just a handjob. It makes sense to assume that they wouldn't be going further than a handjob although I'm not sure.

    I woke up quite super early today and for some reason, thought of just entertaining the possibility of visiting a massage parlour. I thought if I am the first client on the first day of their resuming services and take the safe precautions of wearing a mask etc, maybe I wouldn't run into major risks of contracting COVID19 ? But, I ended up not going because I was so undecided. I spent much of the day contemplating this issue and thus the prospect of being a first/early client if I visit appears to now be low. Other massage parlours are yet to open later still, so then that possibility could arise again. I had been thinking of reports in Italy that the virus is losing its potency and was wondering if there is room for more potency to be lost as time goes on but yet I read the WHO has counteracted those claims as lacking evidence. I think I will likely end up continuing to self-isolate and abstain until the pandemic is over and a vaccine is developed but the lack of intimacy is kind of getting to me a bit, especially that I live alone too. I am in Montreal Canada which has been hard hit by covid19. What do you think about this? Should I continue to abstain by not visiting any massage parlours or not seeing any sex workers until a vaccine comes out? Are you facing the same issues of longing for intimacy and how are you coping with this?

    Thank you so much in advance :)
  2. I'minmyunderwear

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    i've been masturbating a lot. but that was also how i dealt with the lack of intimacy before covid-19.
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  3. Irminsul

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    No change
  4. Barry Thrift

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    Our lives are just the same here in Greece, all is just the same we had no lock downs, the only things was lots of shops was shut but the was a way round that, some did open and it was cash only, super markets did not have the problems that the rest have had, we have had no low stock that a lot of others have had.

    As for sex just the same, when ever we want it.
  5. Well this is how I am dealing with it, YouTube is my friend

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  6. Self love. Masturbate :) Be intimate with yourself. :).

    Or do so online with someone you trust. Trust is important ... re they won’t film you, nor you them. . There are sites you can pay to watch people get off and you can do your thing, you can pay to be private with one as they do what you want.... you don’t have to be on cam too.
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  7. Dax

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    Mrs palm and her five daughters are always available and ready ... they'll never leave you.
  8. YungSAVi

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  9. Kick Frenzy

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    I'm dealing with this thread by wondering if you're some kind of massage parlor bot.
  10. YungSAVi

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    Got em lol.
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    Not at all. Seeing sex workers is my only way of getting intimacy at this point and I was ambivalent about pursuing this hobby during the pandemic and wanted to talk about this and see what others think. Also wanted to know how others are coping with lack of intimacy.
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    Well, I'd say it's best to stay away from massage parlors and sex workers until after COVID is definitely under control.
    For now, do like everyone else and masturbate.
  14. scratcho

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    I've taken the problem firmly in hand.
  15. Eric!

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  16. Irminsul

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    Xhamster for me.
  17. Barry Thrift

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    Gets the thumbs up from me.
  18. wilsjane

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    Being unable to escape has it's own problems for us married members. :yum::yum::yum:
  19. Barry Thrift

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    OK who's not married? Stand up and be counted.
  20. PhilW0404

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    I'll second that
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