how are you avoiding globalisation...

Discussion in 'Globalization' started by boynamedsue, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    i need help.
    chapters/indigo/coles.... one company.

    canada is the closest of countries to having one privatly owned bank

    most corperations i can think of are merging. theres less and less family owned.

    i travelled across the country, and all the big cities looke exactly the after store after store....

    vaccums that run alone. were going to far. i wonder what will put an end to all this. its almost so sick that i ignore it. its so hard to be a vagrant these days and almost impossible to be self sustained.
    ....i guess im looking to see how people are making alternative lifestyles to avoid this future work. if your doing this or want to lemme know.
  2. Demihipster

    Demihipster Banned

    In this manner!

  3. I do it by...

    1. Buying lots of gas for my 3 SUVs
    2. Paying my taxes on time every year
    3. Sending President Bush an extra personal check in the mail every month for being such a good president
    4. Throwing a barbeque for all my friends with all the juicy T-bone steaks I can afford
  4. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    genious, i should get a couple more.. ive had soo much extra money and gas would be the perfect thing to spend it on ;)
  5. Actually, it's "genius" not "genious"...genius.;)
  6. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    good job on the spelling, soldier. really.
  7. RevoMystic

    RevoMystic Member

  8. RevoMystic

    RevoMystic Member

    boynamedsue, please don't waste your time with mindless sheep, especially ones who desecrate great Beatles songs lol.

    Rest in Peace John and George!

    Anyway, you have your work cut out for you! Check out and
    They're great starting points.
  9. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    thanks revomystic, that site is great. i've just started reading it, and i'm gonna keep reading now, just wanted to show ya some grat. cheers
  10. RevoMystic

    RevoMystic Member

    you just made me smile :-D

    if you're into keeping up on what's REALLY going down in the world, check out
  11. boynamedsue

    boynamedsue Member

    oh yeahhh love indymedia.! my friends do alot for indymedia vancouver, and victoria:D awesome thing
  12. SpliffVortex

    SpliffVortex Senior Member

    move to cuba

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