Housos- the bad Austrialian Trailer Park Boys knock off

Discussion in 'TV' started by unfocusedanakin, May 24, 2020.

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    Has anyone seen this? I'm a big Trailer Park Boys fan and compared to that this show is TERRIBLE but clearly inspired by it. In each show they live in a Sunnyvale, they do a lot of drugs, no one works, at any given time 1/2 the cast is in jail. The creator has given himself 90% of the good lines or plot lines and of all the characters on the show he is by far getting the most sex with women.

    This happens a lot when a comedian writes a show. A guy not handsome or clever enough to deserve it gets all the wins. I can't help but feel the show is very political as well. If you are from Australia it's meant to get you upset at the lower classes. Much of the dialogue has a nasty tone to it. As an American I would compare it to Republican humor. They might say it's good because it's not PC but really the joke is being nasty and blaming all the problems of the country on social welfare while pointing out you work so you have value.

    The creator says it's a tribute to the lower class and he grew up around them. I've seen the whole series and not once was there any endearing episodes. You know where you see that even though these people scam the government and smoke pot all day they have a good heart. The Trailer Park Boys does this but all I see is anger.

    And why do they always yell? Do the poor have bad hearing in Australia? It's so badly written and acted.

    Maybe I just don't get it. Can someone explain why it's such a good show? Apparently they thought so in Australia.

    This is how they talk the whole time it's so annoying.
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    Actually, to Australians this Housos is just a piss take, nobody gets upset at, it's meant to be enjoyed and laughed at due to the stereotypical nature of the show.

    The show bases itself on taking social and ethnic stereotypes and portraying them exactly how they are in the every day life of an Australian.

    I lived in Aus for over a decade and the stereotypes are legit accurate which makes it so good. It's extremely relatable too, every episode draws scenarios that anybody can relate to in every day life.
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