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Discussion in 'Dreams' started by hello, May 19, 2004.

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    not treehouses in the traditional sense, mind you ;)

    last night i dreamt that i was in an upper-class suburban neighborhood.
    and as i walked around, i noticed that many of the houses were acutally about 20 feet in the air, supported by groups of young oak trees.

    the houses themselves were giant: about 4 stories, with huge windows, and wall-length mirrors inside. other than that, the houses looked like normal upper-class suburban houses.

    so i continued from house to house, not thinking anything was out of the ordinary (i didn't realize that i was dreaming). i just looked around, and kind of wondered why, and then the dream shifted to something else. but this was the clearest picture: a 4 story house, in the trees.

    i get a couple of meanings from this... one actual: i've seen lots of neighborhoods like this, where big rich houses were built on and around groups of young oak trees. one metaphorical: the elevation of the houses conveys status. or, man's inventions will always be on the backs of nature's creations. you know what i mean...

    any thoughts??

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