House Of Cards (Uk)

Discussion in 'TV Dramas' started by rak, Jan 22, 2015.

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    Anyone agree with me this is the best show ever. The rhetoric of the story just kicks ass.


    Patrick Wolton (foreign secretary): I am all with our brothers in Eastern Europe following our ways to democratisation, but hang on Tovaris, does the thought ever appeal to me to leave my six guns on the doorstep and to hug a Russian Bear, I think not.

    Health Secretary: Now that we have managed to establisha good health system we can now afford to help those who cannot pay for the services we offer. So all I have to say in this speech is "Carry on Nurse!" LOL

    FU: It seems our King is making his job that of the Chief Whip. A pat on the back here. A buisquit there. Short-shap-shock. A boot up the backside there.

    Fat Dutschess: Of I'm absolutely exhausted, famished, shaggers, stonckers....LOL

    It's the shit, man!
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    I thought you were talking about the series with Sir Ian Richardson.

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