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    I just made myself a cool apron. Got a piece of good fabric from the discount fabric store, it was a scrap in the bargain bin of about 5/8-7/8 of a yard. Just make sure it has some stretch on the bias. I then used an apron from my former job at McD's (I forgot one when I returned my uniforms guess I'll take it back now). Or I will give you the measurements. If you got one to copy just draw around the perimeter with any good marker or pen for the body. Add on 1 inch all around for seams and add an extra line 1/2 inch out along the arm curves. Make a long strip of 2 inch wide strips to sew together for the ties. For the apron: Fold over the edges all except for the curves and make a half inch seam and topstitch them down. Now make a 1 inch casing for the ties along the curves. Fold on the first line one inch out from the perimeter of the finished apron. Fold again at the perimeter line. Pin the center first and then ease it down from the center out both ways and it should end up mitering itself at the edges. Stitch the tie pieces together and fold to center and fold again and topstitch it into one long tie. Run the tie through Both casings from the bottom on one side and down from the top on the other.

    Measurements for those without an apron to copy:
    25 inches wide X 31 1/2 inches long
    Bottom is 21 1/2 inches long
    Bib is 10 inches X 10 inches

    Just draw a curve along the sides from the top of the bib to the top of the side edge of the bottom.

    Decorate as you desire. Mine I used a permanent purple marker and wrote HOT STUFF on it. The fabric is beige.

    Total cost: 86 cents for the fabric.

    Peace, Cricket

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