Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Discussion in 'Dreadlocks' started by DetunedRadio, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. DetunedRadio

    DetunedRadio Member

  2. mandyland

    mandyland Senior Member

    sillyness...you and your friends remind me of my younger brother and his possee. And watching this made me miss him....boo. Hes in the army...even bigger boo. He's actually going out for his 2nd tour in 2 months....collosal sized boo! Anyways..your dreadies are comin along nicely! =]
  3. Thekarthika

    Thekarthika Member

    It won't load.

    *kicks iPod*
  4. cargo2k

    cargo2k Member

    potato cannons are so much fun, in high school we'd set on a bluff at night lobbing potatoes into the water.

    bloomp . . .

    . . . splash.

    it was really relaxing
  5. DetunedRadio

    DetunedRadio Member

    @ Mandy: I love it when shit reminds me of other stuff :) wishing your bro the best!
    and thanks.

    @ cargo2k: everything from the initial spark in the chamber to the potato *splat/splash* is relaxing haha.
  6. Glacius

    Glacius Member

    i always wanted to make one myself. my buddy made one and we shot it off ina field years ago. we used a air pump to do it.

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