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    A window is opened into the world.

    Through the air,

    The wind covers.

    Your lips tenderly whisper.

    Oh, those sweet lips,

    Tremble tenderly

    As long as they speak

    And my tears with rumination breathe


    With a bouquet of inspiration,

    Poem painted with words,

    My homesickness

    Mentions your face,

    It burns my eyes,

    Blinds them,

    My soul is supported with hope.

    Your glance

    Can blur The White Dunav

    Through Vardarec

    Transports your words,

    Through the sun

    The day lights your hair.

    During the silent nights,

    And closed window I dream

    Through my mind with the plume

    I sleep,

    Covering to the night

    With stars scattered

    With a candle from them

    Without matches fired,

    My homesickness heals up,

    Like an injury of a heart,

    With branches grows up.

    Walls graffiti covered

    With your name

    Wakes up my glances overslept

    In the middle of the street

    The dogs bark

    Killing the dead silence

    And on the narrow lane

    Your shadows swing

    Like through a charshia

    On paved road walk

    Arrive under my windows

    The homesickness breeds for you

    Black shadows cover your face

    And asleep me with lies

    But your eyes hide silent fidelity,

    For my homesickness

    Love diligence.

    Show to the heart

    How to walk through the time

    Show to your dream

    Where to stop - in my dreams.

    Many scripts will travel

    Written by the golden plume,

    The ink from the star dust,

    From the sky will trickle

    Like a rain radiant comets.

    I comprehend

    The romantic value

    Of this beautiful night,

    Full with darkness and seclusion,

    Through the lane your steps reverberate,

    And my smile tenderly whispers,

    The drums and the happy ensemble trembles

    My heart,

    It wakes my homesickness up.

    SO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? It's a translation. These stupid literary magazines won't publish it. Why?

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